Record Store Reckoning

Do you own a record player? I bought one for my daughter for Christmas and now she is collecting “classics” which are actually albums I had on my shelf in the 70s. I never knew I was listening to classical music at the time! I love the idea of a mystery series in a record store and J.C. Kenney has brought it to us with main character, Darcy Gaughan, who also stopped by to answer a few questions. Scroll down to read more about Record Store Reckoning, Darcy and J.C.

About Record Store Reckoning

When the manager of Marysburg Music, Darcy Gaughan, returns to work after a vacation, she expects to jump right back into work as the store gets ready for the upcoming Record Store Day celebrations. She’s also celebrating five years of sobriety and is confident that there are good things in her future. She doesn’t expect to find her boss in his office, dead from an apparent self-inflicted stab wound.

The police rule the death a suicide. Darcy, who knew her beloved boss better than anybody, knows better. She vows to get to the truth of the matter before the murderer can get away with the crime and the record store is closed forever. Along the way, she uncovers secrets and shady deals certain town residents would rather keep hidden. Secrets some would commit murder to keep under wraps. Can she assemble the clues and put them in just the right order so everything comes together like a classic jazz album? And how is she supposed to focus on finding a killer when she also needs to figure out a way to keep the record store open? Follow along as Darcy searches for the truth while learning the greatest gifts are truly those that money can’t buy.

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A Visit with Darcy Gaughan

Welcome! Tell us your name, your profession and what makes you such a great amateur sleuth?

Thanks a million for having me here today. My name is Darcy Gaughan. I’m the new owner of Marysburg Music, the most amazing record store in the Midwest. I never planned on becoming an amateur sleuth, you can take that to the bank. I used to be a drummer in a punk band that toured the world. During those years, I got pretty good at studying human behavior. Especially the kind that wasn’t exactly above board. I can pick up someone’s “tell” pretty quickly. Also, I’m no quitter. When I start out on something, I see it through to the finish.

Tell us about the crime you are working on in Record Store Reckoning.

Oh, dude, it’s a tough one. My boss, Eddie Maxwell, was stabbed to death. He was my rescuer, mentor, and friend. I found him when I reported to work at the record store. Based on the evidence at the scene, the cops think he took his own life. I don’t care what the evidence looks like. I knew Eddie. There was no way in the world he’d do that. Plus, the murder weapon found at the scene doesn’t make sense. I don’t want to go into detail here, but if suicide was involved, the weapon would have been made of something else.

What other character is the most helpful to you in solving the murder?

Wow. I never really thought about it. I had a lot of help from so many different people. Probably, the most help came from my two full-time employees, Hank and Charlotte. They gave me a lot of suggestions about who to talk to and wanted the case solved as much as I did. Char may have also placed a call to an unsung hero that helped me bring the case to a close. You’ll have to read the story to get the deets though.

What other character is the most frustrating?

Kaitlin Rosengarten, the Detective-Sergeant assigned to the case is a total pain in my backside. Just because she and I had a few run-ins back when I was drinking too much, she refuses to listen to practically anything I tell her. That was then. I’ve been sober for five years. If she wouldn’t take Eddie’s murder seriously, it was up to me to prove her wrong.

What has been your scariest moment in the pursuit of crime-solving?

That’s easy. Getting shot at! There were a few ultra-scary moments when I thought I’d reached the end of my own life. I’m happy to say those bullets came close but missed the mark. If I never get shot at again, I’ll totally be okay with that.

If an actor or actress were to play your part, who would that be?

Man, that’s a tough one. I think I’d go with Emmy Rossum, who played Fiona in Shameless. She’s pretty amazing and she’s a singer, too. As a retired musician, I gotta salute a fellow woman in the music biz.

If you could be in a buddy book with any other amateur sleuth, who would that be with?

Stephanie Plum would be way cool, but I like the vibe here in the Midwest. I’ve heard about this literary agent who lives is Southern Indiana, Allie Cobb. She’s bagged a bunch of murderers. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with her. We could swap stories while we keep the streets of the State of Indiana safe!

Can we expect to see more books in this series? Give us a hint.

Totally! I know for certain there will be two more adventures involving me and my crew from Marysburg Music. Fingers crossed there will be more after that. Appreciate the time to chat but gotta get back to the record store. Rock on, friends!

About the Author

J.C. Kenney is the Amazon and Kobo bestselling author of The Allie Cobb Mysteries and The Darcy Gaughan Mysteries. His debut, A Literal Mess, was a finalist for a Muse Medallion from the Cat Writers’ Association in mystery fiction. When he’s not writing, you can find him following IndyCar racing or listening to music. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife, two children, and a cat.






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