A new job, a brutal murder, and Camelot has ended. 

In 1963, Dot Morgan’s life was changed forever. She witnessed the assassination of John F Kennedy through the lens of her boxy Kodak Instamatic camera, bringing traumatic aftereffects of the brutality that happened as they stood on the parade route in Dallas.  

She starts her first real secretarial job with a boss who has no sympathy for her trauma. When Dot’s only work friend has a mysterious accident at a demolition site, she digs around on her own only to find very little love between two brothers and no one hammering out justice to find a murderer.  

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Series: Redbird Creek

The Con Man's Daughter
The Con Man's Daughter

Short Stories

2016: Happy Homicides /Fall into Crime: Falling for Murder (A Pecan Bayou Novella)

2016: Waves of Suspense: Luscious

2017: Happy Homicides /Crimes of the Heart: A Heart for Murder (A Pecan Bayou Short Story)

2017: Happy Homicides /Summertime Crime: The Dog Days of Murder (A Pecan Bayou Novella)

2017: Happy Homicides/ The Purrr-fect Crime: Double-Tap (A Pecan Bayou Short Story)

2017: Happy Homicides/Cookin’ Up Crime: A Gift for Gus (A Pecan Bayou Short Story)

2020: Eclectically Scientific: Expecting

2020: ‘Tis the Season/A Holiday Anthology: The Hit-and-Run Santa (A Pecan Bayou Short Story)

2021: Mardis Gras Mysteries: Unfiltered

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