The Twist and Shout Murder is Out!

It’s launch day for The Twist and Shout Murder, the first book in my Swinging Sixties Mystery Series! Here are some of the early reviews that have come in through Net Galley.

Dot Morgan is perfect.

I need more from this series now! Dot Morgan is perfect. ~Heather/Net Galley

Dot is spunky and smart as a whip.

Set in the sixties, the story followed a young lady named Dot who is attending classes to become a secretary. Her father is running for city council and at an event for the people running, a despicable man named Anson Manning, brother to the local DA is murdered.
The story followed Dot’s suspicions about who killed Anson and the cast or characters that are all suspects.
Dot is spunky and smart as a whip. She’s got gumption and just the right amount of whimsy to be the perfect “small town junior detective”.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and didn’t see the twist coming at all. ~Jessica/Net Galley

I so appreciated the historic details of the time period…

This is a great cozy 60s mystery. I so appreciated the historic details of the time period interspersed throughout the novel. It made it so much fun to read. Dot is a great character and very likable. The mystery itself was well written and had some twists and turns that kept me interested. All in all a very enjoyable read and one I highly recommend!!! ~Kristie/Net Galley

The tense scenes really drive the story forward…

Dot Morgan, the ambitious young protagonist of The Twist and Shout Murders, finds herself caught in the crosshairs of small town sabotage, slander and even murder. Dot is a refreshing standout from the rest of the close-minded thinkers of 1962 Camden, Texas, using her morals and her wit to help usher the town out of the more restrictive 1950s.
When a hit-and-run leaves a single mother hospitalized and a suspicious death is swept under the rug, Dot decides to stir the pot instead of minding her own business like one of the good little Camden Ladies Club members. With the odds and powerful members of the town stacked against her, Dot challenges the society whose dated gelatin mold she refuses to conform to.
Teresa Trent keeps the reader guessing until the very end in this mystery littered with suspicious characters. Her attention to detail flushes out the time period’s changing styles, ideologies and the latest fads – hello, golden arches hamburgers!
While there were a few distracting errors that a bit of editing could fix, that’s not to say this book wasn’t an enjoyable read.
The tense scenes really drive the story forward while the heart of the story takes its time and allows us the opportunity to rub shoulders with the good, the misguided or the plain ugly people of Camden, Texas. Dot is a young woman with enough grit and determination to keep Texas on its toes. This won’t be the last we hear from her. ~Renaissance Reader Reviews/Net Galley


You can pick up either e-book or paperback today!

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