Super Surprise Saturday: Happy Homicides 6 Cookin’ Up Crime

Guess what? Happy Homicides 6 is officially out and I have even more prizes for you! I am excited to be a part of my sixth book with this anthology series. Because it is Down Syndrome Awareness month I wrote a story for Danny, my character with DS.   After finding out about the authors and their stories, be sure to find the Prize Guy. We have a heck of a giveaway for this one…but wait there’s more…a bonus file full of recipes from the authors. 

This is our biggest anthology yet! Fifteen multi-published and bestselling authors have written short stories to entertain, baffle, and amuse you. As always, the book includes an email address so you can send away for a bonus file full of recipes and craft ideas that go with each story.

Cooking can be murder, especially when these 15 authors get involved. These are all-new, never published stories that’ll satisfy your hunger for good, clean reads with a criminal intent.

  1. The Smoothie Operator by Joanna Campbell SlanA health fanatic dies after hassling his overweight wife. Can Kiki Lowenstein prove the woman’s innocence?
  2. Dying for Spice Tea: A Beach Tea Shoppe Mystery by Linda Gordon HengererThe curious death of a friend surprises BevAnne Wexler. Will a new method for making a frozen treat lead Alex and BevAnne to a killer?
  3. A Gift for Gus by Teresa TrentEveryone deserves a treat now and again. Danny’s Cake in a Cup proves the perfect present for everyone, except a woman determined to poison the future with a tall tale about the past.
  4. Recipe for Murder: A Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery by Terry AmbroseWhen a guest dies and her diamond necklace is stolen, a hapless dreamer is accused of the crimes. Can Rick, the owner, track down the culprit in time to save this hopeless romantic?
  5. Nectar of the Dogs by Neil S. PlakcySteve Levitan and his golden retriever Rochester make a great team. In this story, they work together to exonerate one of Steve’s high school friends who is accused of murder.
  6. Irish Texas Chili Story by Randy RawlsA famous recipe goes missing when its creator is murdered. Can Jonathan Boykin stir the pot enough to cook up a killer?
  7. Dot Didn’t Do It: A Pineapple Port Mini-Mystery by Amy Vansant Can a novice private investigator crack a bad egg in order to track down a foul crime? Charlotte Morgan wonders if the fungus amungus had a lethal after-taste.
  8. Simmer to Death by Christina FreeburnDid sibling rivalry lead to the poisoning of an up-and-coming food personality? Or were simmering hostilities among the staff the real recipe for murder?
  9. Food for Thought: A Rosalie Hart Mystery by Wendy Sand Eckel The death of a Civil War reenactor sticks in Rosalie Hart’s craw. Can she peel back the layers of history to uncover a motive for murder two hundred years in the making?
  10. Catering to Murder by Colleen HelmeCan Shelby Nichols use her special abilities to forecast the success or failure of a business venture? Maybe, but first the new owners will have to deal with the decomposing body in the deep freeze.
  11. Murder, Moonlight and Muffins by Loulou HarringtonThe never-ending hunt for merchandise to sell in their antique shop lead Jessie and Connie into a dark, deserted house complete with a crime scene?
  12. F is for Fruitcake by Micki Browning Baking fruitcake becomes an antidote for stress—and maybe something more?
  13. A Death of Customs by Vered Ehsani – A vampire, a ghost, and a reasonably normal shop owner contemplate death among the tea leaves.
  14. Silent Harmonies by Vincent O’Neil An observant food truck workers picks up a discordant note, but was it the prelude to murder?
  15. Fish Fried by R.V. Reyes The death of a protected species of fish causes Lilly a considerable amount of heartburn.


Each Happy Homicides book includes an email address so you can send away for a special bonus file full of recipes and craft ideas that go along with the stories in the books. For Cookin’ Up Crime these include: Southern Caviar, Stuffed Quahogs, Dirty Johnny, Pumpkin Muffins, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, Peanut Butter Smoothie, Fruitcake Tempest, Kourabiedes, Spicy Cupcakes with Cinnamon Frosting, Tea Recipe, Recipe Holder, Festive Napkin Rings, Candy Halloween Hands, and others.

Cookin’ Up Crime Basket includes wire basket, dish towel set, wooden salad tongs, bamboo cooking utensils, wooden pepper grinder, peppercorns, FALL banner fig scented hand soaps, and a box of pumpkin bread mix.

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