Cozy Mystery Book Review: Showtime


If you have ever been involved in the cutthroat world of community theater, then Showtime is for you. I was involved in community theater in my teens and twenties and can tell you everything author Suzanne Trauth has included in her humorous cozy mystery centered around an ill-fated production of Romeo and Juliet is exactly right. From the diva-esque director to the cast getting out of control at rehearsals, been there, wielded that sword.  My favorite scene had to be the funeral, but I was riveted to the story all the way through. Before you get to my 4 Star review, click on the prize guy below to be entered for a free ebook version of Showtime.





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Click Here To Enter for a Free E-book  copy of Showtime


Here is my review of Showtime:

Dodie is a successful manager of a local restaurant. Managing is her thing, so when the local community theater asks her to come organize the production of a Romeo and Juliet she jumps right in with schedules and charts. When a murder occurs, Dodie meets up with the new police chief, Bill, and her sense of putting things right prevails once again.  I loved the way Suzanne Trauth made the mystery interesting and easy to follow and her sense of humor came through in scenes like the full-Elizabethan-dress funeral and the trust exercise. There’s no sillier business like show business. 4 Stars

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  1. Thank you for the introduction to Suzanne Trauth and her book Showtime. My interest was peaked and I have added it to my to be read list.

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