Limoncello Yellow – A Great New Orleans Mystery

LimoncelloyellowOn my recent book tour I had the pleasure of visiting Traci Andrighetti and picked up a copy of her book Limoncello Yellow.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story and wanted to review it as a reader and a writer.

As a reader:   I’ve been to New Orleans countless times.  After reading Limoncello Yellow, I want to go back.  Ms. Andrighetti really touched on the best parts of the town-the people and … the food.    The book opens with Franki Amato, a patrol woman with a disgusting, gassy, condescending idiot of a partner.  I liked her from that scene on.  She goes on to join her best friend Veronica in a PI firm in New Orleans.  I enjoyed the mystery as it traveled through the worlds of fashion, Italian families, Catholicism and Voodoo.   Franki and Ronnie must solve a murder that revolves around a Limoncello scarf , meanwhile Franki is constantly dodging Italian suitors sent her way by her well-meaning  Nana.   Just hilarious!  I can’t wait to see what happens with Franki’s love life in the next book 🙂

As a writer:  I loved the characters in this book.  My favorite was Glenda the good stripper.  She was so well described as a ancient woman walking around in stripper clothes and then Andrighetti backed her up with a house where she rented rooms decorated like the inside of a bordello.  I got to the point where I hoped she would be in another scene.  I could even hear her gutteral over-smoked voice.

In contrast we had a Goth-dressing messed up teenager, a voodoo queen with some wonderful dialogue, and Franki’s Italian family.  These characters were vivid and clearly illustrated.  There were things about Franki that I liked as a main character.  She isn’t skinny, she isn’t young and she emotionally eats.  She also has a great eye for clues and her police training comes to the front when she needs it.  How could I not love a woman who buys six lemon pastries planning to eat them all in one sitting?  I would if I could, Franki!

The pacing of the mystery had a good flow and keeps you turning the pages.  I loved the clue Franki picked up on with the picture of Stuart and how it was used to lead to the climax.  Great read!

I give this book 5 Stars!

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  1. I love the generosity of writers such as yourself, Teresa. Celebrating the success of others is a very cool thing. I’d love a return to the Big Easy as well, whether in person or in Ms. Andrighetti’s book! :O)

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