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The Mask of Midnight Sneak Peek Tour

I  have a really great book today to recommend to my readers, especially readers who like thrillers.  This is actually a SNEAK PEEK  of the book before it is released to the public.  When it does come out, this one is worth the investment. Laurie Steven’s Gabriel McCray series is outstanding, and I was lucky enough to get to read an advanced copy and review it .     This author has
mask-at-midnight-188x300publishing houses knocking at her door and after reading the book, I can see why.  Lessons learned from this book?  If a serial killer invites you to a party–don’t wear the costume he gives you.  Better yet, stay home.  I was throwing things at the wall at that point.  Still, even though a normal person wouldn’t dream of doing something like that, Laurie Stevens makes it entirely believable.

My Review:  5 Stars

The Mask of Midnight pulls you in immediately with a serial killer who is finally going to see his day in court. Victor Archwood is one of the best villains I’ve ever seen written.  Stevens really gives you the idea that he is all seeing and at times invisible as he goes after his prey. Gabriel McCray is a psychologically damaged cop who has a history with Archwood and sexual abuse.  McCray must fight his own inner battles if he has a chance of coming out stronger than the truly evil Victor.  Great writing, pace, characters!  Loved it.  I’m going to be reading the first two books in the series.  LaurieStevensw