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Visiting Melina’s Book Blog

The holidays!  So busy!  This week I visited over at Melina’s Book Blog for a short interview and a review of my book Overdue For Murder.  Melina’s review was so kind.  I really appreciate it!

This is the first of Teresa’s books that I’ve read and I was really impressed.  Betsy Livingston is a great character.  This book flowed so well, all of the characters were great and realistic.  I liked how it kept you guessing up till the very end, just the way a great mystery should.  I definitely can’t wait to return to Pecan  Bayou.  I already have the first book in the series lined up to read.  Great job Teresa keep up the good work.  I give this book five stars. 

Read my interview at Melina’s Book Blog and don’t forget to register for the giveaway.   Cupcake & Ebooks! 

Put a little Harry Connick Christmas music on and life couldn’t be sweeter!