Book Blast Tuesday: Uneasy Prey


Watch out for those dangerous curves on snowy days! (So glad I live in South Texas today!)  Annette Dashofy is here today with her newest Zoe Chambers mystery–Uneasy Prey.  Our amateur sleuth is a paramedic who gets a little too involved with her patients.

You can read a little more about the book, and then scroll down and look for the prize guy! Today he’s giving you a chance 1 of 5 signed print copies of Uneasy Prey.

About the Book

Uneasy Prey (A Zoe Chambers Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
6th in Series
Setting – Pennsylvania

On the way to the emergency room, an elderly woman regains consciousness long enough to inform paramedic Zoe Chambers that her fall down the basement steps was no accident. Before she can say more, she succumbs to her injuries, launching Zoe and Police Chief Pete Adams into the investigation of a burglary ring targeting the area’s vulnerable senior citizens.

Zoe—in spite of Pete’s objections—takes it upon herself to act as protection detail after the con men, disguised as water company employees, set their sights on Zoe’s beloved former landlady. It’s a decision that eventually puts Zoe in harm’s way.

With Zoe already recovering from one close call, Pete must race against time to stop the crime ring—and a dangerous killer—before they strike again.


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About the Author

Annette Dashofy is the USA Today best-selling author of the Zoe Chambers mystery series about a paramedic and deputy coroner in rural Pennsylvania’s tight-knit Vance Township. CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE was a finalist for the Agatha Award for Best First Novel of 2014 and BRIDGES BURNEDwas nominated for the 2015 Agatha for Best Contemporary Novel. UNEASY PREY, the sixth in the series, is set for release on March 27.

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Book Blast Friday: Killer Tied

There are plenty of twists and turns in this cozy mystery and judging from the cover–cute shoes! Lesley A. Diehl is visiting us today to answer some questions about her latest mystery, Killer Tied. 

How did you come with the idea for Killer Tied?

Killer Tied is the sixth book in the Eve Appel mysteries from Camel Press. The idea for the book came from asking myself the question, what if a young woman approaches Eve and tells her she is Eve’s sister? But Eve doesn’t have a sister and her parents died in a boating accident when Eve was nine years old. This woman looks like Eve, but her age is such that she would have been born after the parent’s death. If what the woman says is true, then someone had lied to Eve, and it appeared the person who told Eve the lie is her own grandmother, the woman who raised her.

What scene do you hope your readers enjoy the most?

In the scene between Eve and her old friend from college, the reader learns how Eve met her former husband, Jerry and reveals that Eve’s friends old grudge against her continues until today. The friend reveals that she knows more about Eve’s mother than Eve does, and Eve struggles with how she can mend the past and get the friend to allow Eve access to records that might tell Eve if her mother still lives. It is a scene where two sassy women do battle with each other, one trying to hurt the other by hiding the truth and the other, Eve, tries to control her usual bold and snarky approach to unearth the truth. But as Eve says, patience is not something she had yet mastered. The reader hopes Eve will finally discover what she must know about her mother, but college friend is more interested in righting a past injustice than helping Eve uncover her past.

What other things have you written or what projects might we see in the future?

There will be three more Eve Apple mysteries, and I hope to make them a little different from the ones that have gone before. In the seventh book which will be released by Camel Press sometime in the autumn or winter of this year, I bring Eve’s best friend Madeleine’s uncle from Scotland to visit Madeleine and her family. He brings his son, daughter-in-law and grandson with him. The visit should be fun for everyone, but trouble begins when the daughter-in-law runs off the road in the rental car and almost drowns herself in one of the many canals crisscrossing the area. An accident? Perhaps, someone shoots at Madeleine’s uncle and wounds him. Is someone trying to kill him or his family? Eve takes on the case to along with another one and finds herself up to her designer blouse in trouble.

The third book in the Big Lake Murder mysteries will be released this year. Cry Muddy Murder finds Emily Rhodes, retired preschool teacher and present-day bartender at the local country club, participating as a volunteer in a re-enactment of the Battle of Okeechobee. As usual, she stumbles onto a dead body, this one the local principal’s. Set in the Lake Okeechobee, Florida area, Emily and cohorts discover the principal’s past indiscretions may have led to his murder, but the truth is as likely to reside closer to home.

I also write a microbrewing series set in a picturesque river valley in Upstate New York. Hera Knightsbridge owns and operates a microbrewery threatened by drought, hydraulic fracturing, and murder. The other cozy mystery series I write features a college professor as a protagonist. Dr. Laura Murphy finds trouble on her campus with the president’s murder, the pollution of the lake she lives on and the killer antics of a college fraternity. College life is anything but ivory tower academics for Laura.

I also have written a number of short stories featuring Aunt Nozzie and the grandmothers, a family trio of geriatric misfits who just happen to help their niece and granddaughter solve murders. These stories are Thanksgiving themed and appear in Untreed Reads Thanksgiving anthology, The Killer Wore Cranberry, Vols 1-5.

If you could write any other genre what would that be?

My protagonists are more romantic than I, so I know I would be terrible at romance, and without a background in law or criminal justice, I don’t have the expertise to write mystery with a lawyer or cop as protagonist. I might try women’s fiction because I could use a lifetime of experience to create my characters. My background as a psychologist might help.

Is there a giveaway or promotion for this book?

There are several giveaways on this tour.

Where can readers leave reviews of your book?

Please leave them on Amazon with each book there.


About the Book

Killer Tied (Eve Appel Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
6th in Series

You Can Find This Book On Amazon

Eve Appel Egret is adjusting to married life with Sammy and their three adopted sons in Sabal Bay, Florida. While still running her consignment stores, she is going pro with her sleuthing by becoming an apprentice to a private detective.

Until her marriage, Eve’s only “family” was her grandmother Grandy, who raised her after her parents died in a boating accident. Now, in addition to her husband and sons, she has a father-in-law who clearly dislikes her. Sammy’s father, a full-blooded Miccosukee Indian long presumed dead, has emerged from the swamps where he’s been living like a hermit, and he isn’t happy about Eve’s marriage to his half-Miccosukee, half-white son.

As for Eve’s family, are her parents really dead? A woman named Eleanor claims to be Eve’s half-sister, born after her mother faked a boating accident to escape her abusive husband, Eve’s father. Then Eleanor’s father turns up dead in the swamps, stabbed by a Bowie knife belonging to Sammy’s father, Lionel. Strange as Lionel Egret is, Eve knows he had no motive to kill this stranger. In order to clear him, Eve must investigate Eleanor’s claims, and she might not like what digging around in her family’s past uncovers.

About the Author


Lesley is a country gal through and through, from her childhood on a dairy farm in Illinois to college in a cornfield in Iowa, Lesley creates sassy, snoopy protagonists who embrace chasing killers in country settings. Lesley writes several series: the Big Lake Murder mysteries and the Eve Appel mysteries both set in rural Florida; the Laura Murphy mysteries located on a lake in upstate New York; and short stories, some featuring a few of Lesley’s unique relatives from back on the farm (Aunt Nozzie and the Grandmothers). She is inspired by an odd set of literary muses: a ghost named Fred and a coyote as yet unnamed. Killer Tied is the sixth mystery in the Eve Appel Mysteries. To read more about Lesley’s unusual and humorous cozy mysteries, go to

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Twitter: @lesleydiehl


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Book Blast Tuesday: Playing With Bonbon Fire

Hi. My name’s Teresa and I’m a chocoholic.  Are you one too? Is that a Whitman’s Sampler I see stuffed in your purse? I knew I liked you! Today we get to indulge in all things chocolate in the second Southern Chocolate Shop Mystery, Playing With Bonbon Fire.

Be sure to look for the Prize Guy so you can enter Dorothy’s giveaway for a delicious chocolate prize package! Be sure to get the chocolate off your fingers before you touch those computer keys 🙂  Voice of experience. 

About the Book

Playing With Bonbon Fire: A Southern Chocolate Shop Mystery
Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series

Chocoholic Charity Penn must smoke out the killer to stop her newly inherited beachside chocolate shop from going up in flames in Dorothy St. James’ decadent follow-up to Asking for Truffle.

Chocolate shop owner Charity Penn is finally settling into life in the quirky South Carolina seaside town of Camellia Beach cooking up chocolate treats. She’s even helped organize the town’s lively beach music festival which has brought rollicking crowds eager to dance the Carolina shag. That is, until one of the band’s lead singers is found dead beside a beach bonfire.

While also trying to balance the amorous attention of music star Bixby Lewis, in town for the festival, and her quest to perfect a new hot flavored bonbon, Charity dives into the investigation. Though it’s more spice than sugar when she discovers a threatening note, comes across decades of age-old secrets, and Bixby comes into the line of fire when a gas grill explodes on the deck of a beachfront house.

Now Charity must turn up the heat and catch the killer before her chance melts away in Playing With Bonbon Fire, the delightful second Southern Chocolate Shop mystery served up just right for fans of JoAnna Carl and Joanne Fluke.

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About the Author

Mystery author Dorothy St. James was born in New York but raised in South Carolina. She makes her home on an artsy island community in South Carolina with her husband, a neurotic dog, and fluffy cat. Though writing has always been a passion for her, she pursued an undergraduate degree in Wildlife Biology and a graduate degree in Public Administration and Urban Planning. She put her educational experience to use, having worked in all branches and all levels of government including local, regional, state, and federal. She even spent time during college working for a non-profit environmental watchdog organization.

Switching from government service and community planning to fiction writing wasn’t as big of a change as some might think. Her government work was all about the stories of the people and the places where they live. As an urban planner, Dorothy loved telling the stories of the people she met. And from that, her desire to tell the tales that were so alive in her heart grew until she could not ignore it any longer. In 2001, she took a leap of faith and pursued her dream of writing fiction full-time.

Known for the White House Gardener Mystery series, Dorothy is going back to her roots and setting a mystery series in a Southern beach town much like the one she’s called home for the past 20 years. The Southern Chocolate Shop Mysteries combine her love of fine chocolates, quirky Southern charm, with a dash of danger.

* Dorothy St. James is the alter-ego of the award-winning multi-published author, Dorothy McFalls. She enjoys writing in several different genres. Her works have been nominated for many awards including Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, Reviewers International Organization Award, National Reader’s Choice Award, CataRomance Reviewers’ Choice Award, and The Romance Reviews Today Perfect 10! Award. Reviewers have called her work: “amazing”, “perfect”, “filled with emotion”, and “lined with danger.”

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Cozy Prizes Friday: Southern Discomfort

Ready for a weekend in a cozy B&B in Savannah? Put some cheese in those grits, if you please. Today we have a guest post about the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia written by USA Today Best Selling Author Carole Fardiq who is touring her latest mystery Southern Discomfort. 


Savannah—The Squares


You can’t visit Savannah, Georgia and not spend time in one of its many squares.  Savannah’s squares are beautiful small parks dotted throughout town, all of them shaded by tall trees, many of them majestic live oaks hanging full of Spanish moss.  Not that Savannah is a particularly bustling city, but it’s nice to be able to sit and relax in a calm outdoor setting as you’re sightseeing, shopping, or working there.  The squares are an especially lovely place to cool off during Savannah’s sweltering summers.  In fact, the fountain area in Ellis Square is often packed with kids in bathing suits, squealing in delight as the dancing jets of water douse them.


Originally, the squares served more of a practical purpose.  James Oglethorpe founded Savannah in 1733 and laid out the town in the shape of a grid containing a series of wards.  Each ward would have a square at its center, and the surrounding ground would be divided into either commercial or residential lots.  The squares were intended for use as militia training grounds.


Today, the city has of course expanded beyond Oglethorpe’s original plan, but most of the squares have been kept intact and all are kept up beautifully.  As originally intended, the lots surrounding the squares are a nice eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, businesses, and residential buildings.  If you’re looking to visit, the best way by far to see most of them is by horse-drawn carriage tour.  I’ve been on several of those tours!


The last time my family visited Savannah, we skipped the carriage ride so I could do some hands-on research of the parks for SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT.  I needed the exact right park as a backdrop to be able to “see” my story in my head.  My poor husband and kids suffered through stopping at square after square for me to get out of the family minivan and spend time at each square, walking the surrounding streets and getting a feel for the area.  Needless to say, after hours of that, I owed them dinner at their favorite Savannah restaurant, The Pirates’ House.


Ultimately, I chose Pulaski Square for the setting of SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT.  It’s on the southwest side of the historic district, far enough away from the more touristy areas near the river that I could imagine Quinn, Delilah, and Papa Sal running their B&B in a peaceful setting.  (Other than finding a murder victim a couple of blocks away, of course.)  Pulaski Square was built in 1837 and named after General Casimir Pulaski.  Originally born in Poland, General Pulaski fought with the colonists in the Revolutionary War and died in the Siege of Savannah in 1779.  Although most squares boast monuments to the person the square is named after, Pulaski’s monument is located in Monterey Square instead.


Bottom line, if you visit Savannah, make it a point to spend time in the parks.  Sure, Broughton and River Streets are packed with some of the most interesting and unusual shopping and dining you can find, but it would be an oversight to miss the real beauty and history of this wonderful city.



About the Book

Southern Discomfort: A Southern B&B Mystery
Cozy Mystery
1s in Series
Alibi (March 6, 2018)
Will be up on GoodReads soon.

Southern hospitality meets deadly deception in the start of a charming new mystery series from the USA Today bestselling author of the Java Jive novels.

Quinn Bellandini loves her life in Savannah, Georgia, where she runs her grandfather’s B&B with her sister, Delilah. From baking fresh scones and serving up grits every morning to ensuring the guests see the best of their historic city, Quinn can’t imagine doing anything else—even if it means dealing with nuisances like the occasional malfunctioning commode. But when Quinn drops by the local restaurant owned by her friend Drew Green, and stumbles upon a murder, her whole world comes crashing down.

Drew’s brother was always a little surly, but Quinn can’t imagine that someone disliked the prickly chef enough to kill him. The police, on the other hand, don’t believe that Quinn was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Before her guests can even digest the next morning’s gourmet breakfast, Quinn learns that she and Drew are suspects.

Drew thinks they should do some investigating of their own. Quinn is pretty sure she’s better suited to playing hostess than amateur sleuth. But with Delilah as her cynical sidekick, Quinn starts looking for the real killer—before she gets put away faster than you can say “sugar.”

About the Author


CAROLINE FARDIG is the USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the Java Jive Mysteries series and the Lizzie Hart Mysteries series. Fardig’s BAD MEDICINE was named one of the “Best Books of 2015” by Suspense Magazine. She worked as a schoolteacher, church organist, insurance agent, funeral parlor associate, and stay-at-home mom before she realized that she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, Fardig still lives in that same town with an understanding husband, two sweet kids, two energetic dogs, and one malevolent cat.

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Twitter: @carolinefardig


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Don’t miss Caroline Fardig’s thrilling Java Jive mysteries, which can be read together or separately:

Book Blast Tuesday: Six Feet Under

Time to head to Kentucky for some chicken pot pie. Not just any chicken pot pie, but a dish that will be featured on the culinary channel.  Yum. We are honored to be visited by Vivian Lowry, the creator of this scrumptious recipe. She’s a hoot!

Don’t forget to look for the Prize Guy! Today he’s giving you the chance at a Ya’ll Tote and Other Mysterious Goodies!

Character’ s Name: Vivian Lowry, number one murder suspect in Six Feet Under

Please tell us about your latest adventure.

Honey, it’s always adventure around these parts. Not that I like to brag on myself, but I do have to tell you that my famous chicken pot pie is being featured on the Culinary Channel. Famous Chef Frank Von Lee is coming to interview little ole me and even taste my food.

Do you have any friends/sidekicks helping you out?

I have scads of friends. But I only cook alone.

Do you have any special skills to fight crime?

If you consider the lash of my tongue….then yes.

Are you a full-time detective or do you do something else?

My daughter, Kenni. . .um. Kendrick Lowry is the sheriff. She’s amazing at her job of keeping order in our little small town, but I’m very active in the community.

What are you most frightened of in this story?

Well….it’s no secret that when Frank Von Lee was found face dead in my chicken pot pie, it does appear that I killed him. I didn’t. I’m telling you I didn’t.

Is there anything funny that happens to you or another character in this story?

Funny? Everything we do in Cottonwood is funny. . .

If I were to choose an actor or actress to play your part in a movie, who would that be? Do you see any other characters in your story as actors or actresses that our readers might know?

I’d play myself. No one can do me better than me. We just need one of them reality tv shows to come here.

Do you have any final words you would like to leave with our readers?

I didn’t kill Frank. I’m not saying that he didn’t hurt my feelings with an initial review, but it’s no reason to kill him.

 Let’s give your author a chance to speak. Anything you would like to add?

I’m sorry that Vivian has taken over your interview. She’s a typical southern mama who is very proud of her daughter and she’s a very proud person herself. She can be a little much at times, but we all love her crazy antics in all the books. It just so happens that she’s the star of SIX FEET UNDER.



About the Book

Cozy Mystery
4th in Series
Setting – Kentucky

Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth. And let me tell you, this broth is in trouble. Get ready for a Southern showdown.

The residents of Cottonwood, Kentucky are sent into a tizzy when the Culinary Channel comes to town to film an episode of Southern Home Cookin’ with celebrity chef Frank Von Lee.

Especially Sheriff Kenni Lowry.

Her mama’s award-winning chicken pot pie is what brought Frank to town, and they don’t make hair in the South bigger than her mama’s ego after the news.

When Frank Von Lee is found dead from food poisoning and the most likely culprit is Mama’s chicken pot pie, Kenni’s poppa, the former sheriff, comes back from the Great Beyond to assist in the investigation.

But nothing’s prepared Kenni for such a personal tie to a case, and she finds herself pushing the limits of the laws she’s sworn to protect.

This book’s so delicious it’ll make your mouth water and leave you hankerin’ for more.

My Review 5 Stars

Kenni works as the sheriff in Cottonwood, Kentucky who also has to keep tabs on her mother Vivian who will be featured on a cooking show with her chicken pot pie. When she is accused of murdering the judge, Kenny must solve it to avoid arresting her own mother. There are some very funny moments in this mystery along with plenty of down-home charm.

Click Here to Enter Tonya’s Giveaway of a Ya’ll Tote and Other Mysterious Goodies!


About the Author

For years, USA Today bestselling author Tonya Kappes has been publishing numerous mystery and romance titles with unprecedented success. She is famous not only for her hilarious plot lines and quirky characters but her tremendous marketing efforts that have earned her thousands of followers and a devoted street team of fans.
Sign up for her newsletter on her website at .

Visit Tonya:
Facebook at Author Tonya Kappes,

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Cozy Prizes Friday: Plum Tea Crazy

We have Laura Childs back again today with her newest mystery, Plum Tea Crazy. If you like tea-centered mysteries then this one is for you! Scroll down to learn about the book, read my review and locate the Prize Guy who is giving you the chance at your very own copy of Laura’s book. He says “Earl Grey. Hot!” And he’s not calling the main character’s dog 🙂

About the Book

Plum Tea Crazy (A Tea Shop Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
19th in Series
Berkley (March 6, 2018)
Hardcover: 336 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0451489609
Digital ASIN: B071K4DPRH

Theodosia Browning investigates a Charleston steeped in tradition and treachery in the latest Tea Shop Mystery from New York Times bestselling author Laura Childs.

While viewing the harbor’s Gaslights and Galleons Parade from the widow’s walk of Timothy Neville’s Charleston mansion, local banker Carson Lanier seemingly tumbles over a narrow railing, then plunges three stories to his death. But a tragic accident becomes something much more sinister when it’s discovered that the victim was first shot with a bolt from a crossbow.

At the request of the mansion owner, Theodosia investigates the tragedy and is soon neck deep in suspects. An almost ex-wife, a coworker, a real estate partner–all had motives for killing the luckless banker, but one resorted to murder to settle accounts.


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My Review– 4 Stars

Theo, a tea shop owner in Charleston is invited to a party to watch a parade from a mansion. While viewing the parade,  they see a man fall from a building while loud cannon fire occurs in the parade. Timothy, the host of party asks Theo to look into the crime. I loved the name of the dog, Earl Grey, and the recipes included with the book.  There are some funny moments and a well-paced plot. This is my tea shop mystery, and now I’ll have to go back to the beginning of the series.

About the Author

Laura Childs is the New York Times bestselling author of the Tea Shop Mysteries, Scrapbook Mysteries, and Cackleberry Club Mysteries. In her previous life she was CEO/Creative Director of her own marketing firm and authored several screenplays. She is married to a professor of Chinese art history, loves to travel, rides horses, enjoys fundraising for various non-profits, and has two Chinese Shar-Pei dogs.

Laura specializes in cozy mysteries that have the pace of a thriller (a thrillzy!) Her three series are:

The Tea Shop Mysteries – set in the historic district of Charleston and featuring Theodosia Browning, owner of the Indigo Tea Shop. Theodosia is a savvy entrepreneur, and pet mom to service dog Earl Grey. She’s also an intelligent, focused amateur sleuth who doesn’t rely on coincidences or inept police work to solve crimes. This charming series is highly atmospheric and rife with the history and mystery that is Charleston.

The Scrapbooking Mysteries – a slightly edgier series that take place in New Orleans. The main character, Carmela, owns Memory Mine scrapbooking shop in the French Quarter and is forever getting into trouble with her friend, Ava, who owns the Juju Voodoo shop. New Orleans’ spooky above-ground cemeteries, jazz clubs, bayous, and Mardi Gras madness make their presence known here!

The Cackleberry Club Mysteries – set in Kindred, a fictional town in the Midwest. In a rehabbed Spur station, Suzanne, Toni, and Petra, three semi-desperate, forty-plus women have launched the Cackleberry Club. Eggs are the morning specialty here and this cozy cafe even offers a book nook and yarn shop. Business is good but murder could lead to the cafe’s undoing! This series offers recipes, knitting, cake decorating, and a dash of spirituality.

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Website –

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Book Blast Tuesday: Six Dogs ‘Til Sunday

Don’t you just love the name Mae December? She’s the main character in Six Dogs ‘Til Sunday and she’s engaged, again. She lost her first fiancee in a deadly car accident but now she’s marrying the sheriff.  An interesting fact about this cozy mystery is that it is written by a mother/daughter team!

Read about the book and my review of Six Dogs ‘Til SundayThen keep on scrolling for the Prize Guy for your chance at your very own ecopy of this book!

About the Book

Six Dogs ’til Sunday (A Mae December Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
6th in Series
Setting – Tennessee
Camel Press

It’s January in Rosedale, Tennessee, and Mae December is preparing for her March wedding to Sheriff Ben Bradley. Mae, who boards dogs for a living, is also busy tending to her pregnant dog and scouting locations for the movie featuring the music of her former fiancé Noah West, who died in a car accident four years earlier. Fortunately, the picturesque old house at the end of Little Chapel Road is for rent.

Just as filming is about to begin, a man is shot on the set, but manages to drive himself to the hospital, where he dies before he can ID his killer. He was a member of the film crew, but also a local, and circumstances point to his being a confidential informant for Ben’s predecessor, Sheriff Trey Cantrell, also the owner of the house turned movie set. At the time of the shooting, the victim had been stealing a large sum of money from a safe on the premises. Whose money is it, and where does it come from?

The Rosedale Sheriff’s Office not only has another murder case on its hands, but one that will dredge up a past long buried. How far will the guilty parties go to protect their secrets?

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About the Authors

Lia Farrell is the nom de plume for a mother/daughter duo of writers. Mom Lyn Farquhar and Daughter Lisa Fitzsimmons have been collaborating on the Mae December mystery series for four years.
Lyn Farquhar taught herself to read before starting school and honed her storytelling abilities by reading to her little sister. Ultimately, her mother ended the reading sessions because Lyn’s sister decided she preferred being read to over learning to read herself. She fell in love with library books at the age of six when a Bookmobile came to her one-room rural elementary school. The day the Bookmobile arrived, Lyn decided she would rather live in the bookmobile than at home and was only ousted following sustained efforts by her teacher and the bookmobile driver.

Lyn graduated from Okemos High School in Michigan and got her college and graduate degrees from Michigan State University. She has a master’s degree in English literature and a Ph.D. in Education, but has always maintained that she remained a student for such a long time only because it gave her an excuse to read. Lyn holds the rank of Professor of Medical Education at Michigan State University and has authored many journal articles, abstracts and research grants. Since her retirement from MSU to become a full-time writer, she has completed a Young Adult Fantasy trilogy called Tales of the Skygrass Kingdom. Volume I from the trilogy is entitled Journey to Maidenstone and is available on Lyn has two daughters and six stepchildren, nine granddaughters and three grandsons. She also has two extremely spoiled Welsh Corgi’s. Her hobby is interior design and she claims she has the equivalent of a master’s degree from watching way too many decorating shows.

Lisa Fitzsimmons grew up in Michigan and was always encouraged to read, write and express herself artistically. She was read aloud to frequently. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she was seldom seen without a book in hand. After becoming a mom at a young age, she attended Michigan State University in a tri-emphasis program with concentrations in Fine Art, Art History an Interior Design.

Lisa, with her husband and their two children, moved to North Carolina for three exciting years and then on to Tennessee, which she now calls home. She has enjoyed an eighteen-year career as a Muralist and Interior Designer in middle Tennessee but has always been interested in writing. Almost five years ago, Lisa and her mom, Lyn, began working on a writing project inspired by local events. The Mae December Mystery series was born.

Lisa, her husband, and their three dogs currently divide their time between beautiful Northern Michigan in the summertime and middle Tennessee the rest of the year. She and her husband feel very blessed that their “empty nest” in Tennessee is just a short distance from their oldest, who has a beautiful family of her own. Their youngest child has settled in Northern Michigan, close to their cabin there. Life is good.

Author Links:
Webpage –
Blog –
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My Review-4 Stars

Mae December is getting married but is haunted by the death of her former fiance. She decides to use a house that her deceased fiance once rented for a film set and a murder occurs. This mystery has many characters who weave nicely into Mae’s past and present.  Because the story flows from character to character there are some interesting developments in both character and the plot. Great mystery!

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Cozy Prizes Friday: Pawprints and Predicaments

Happy Friday! We have a character guest post today from a hunky ex-Navy Seal who is a character in our featured mystery Pawprints and Predicaments. That ought to brighten up your weekend. I really identify with this series because like the main character, Daphne, my daughter has been a pet sitter to work her way through school and well…I knit/crochet sweaters for my dogs.  That’s it. Full confession. Have one on the knitting needles right now.  Here’s a word from our author, Bethany Blake and then let’s listen to what Jonathan has to say.

Don’t forget to look for the Prize Guy. 🙂 Today he is offering the chance at the entire Lucky Paws Petsitting Mystery Series and some Swag to go with it! 

Detective Jonathan Black is incredibly reserved. In part, it’s because he’s supremely confident. He’s been around the world a few times, saved a few lives—and, as a combat-tested Navy SEAL, lost a few friends. He tends to listen more than talk, because he doesn’t feel like he needs to impress anyone. But I managed to get him to open up, just a tiny bit, to tell you about his life in Sylvan Creek, and his complicated relationship with petsitter and amateur sleuth Daphne Templeton.

I’ll let Jonathan take it from here.

I never expected to live in a place like Sylvan Creek, where everyone, it seems, dresses their dogs in handknit sweaters. I’ve started doing it, myself, for crying out loud.

I don’t dress up my chocolate Lab, Axis. He’d be insulted. But the one-eared, drooling Chihuahua that Daphne Templeton foisted upon me shivers so much in the cold that I actually find myself buttoning him into a free-range, yak hair sweater that Daphne gave him, as a present.

Please, don’t tell Daphne that I ever do that. It’s bad enough that she’s seen me with the dog tucked into my jacket.

When I met Daphne, she was trying to obstruct justice. She has a habit of bumbling her way into situations, then trying to blurt her way out, with varying degrees of success. And, yet, over time, she’s become more responsible. While I’ve gone the other way—to a small degree.

I’m going to be honest. After a life spent moving around the world, first as a military brat, then as a SEAL, myself, I enjoy the order and peace I’ve found in my house in the woods. I spend a lot of time alone by the fire, reading. And thinking. And that’s okay.

But I’ve come to appreciate the openness and chaos that Daphne brings to my world, at least to a small degree. I’ve never met a petsitter with a Ph.D. in philosophy before, and I can’t deny that she brings an interesting perspective to any conversation.

She also drives me crazy by trying to solve crimes, and usually nearly getting herself killed in the process. Thankfully, she has a very intelligent protector, a basset hound named Socrates, looking out for her when I can’t be there. The dog and I also share a negative opinion of canine apparel.

I think that’s enough about me. If you ever come to Sylvan Creek, be careful. A surprising number of people get murdered here. And, yet, I’m glad this is where I’ve ended up, for now. Maybe for a while…

About the Book

Pawprints & Predicaments (Lucky Paws Petsitting Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Kensington (February 27, 2018)
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages

The Tail Waggin’ Winterfest is the highlight of the season in the famously pet-friendly Pocono Mountains town of Sylvan Creek. But despite attractions like an ice sculpture display, a dogsled race, and gourmet hot chocolate, Daphne Templeton finds herself annoyed by TV producer Lauren Savidge, who’s filming the festivities. She’s critical, controlling, and as chilly as the January air. Daphne would like to tell her to go jump in a lake—and as a matter of fact, that’s exactly what they’re both going to do . . .

It’s the first-ever polar bear plunge in Lake Wallapawakee, and Daphne and Lauren are among the eighty or so people who charge into the frigid water to raise funds for animals in need. Daphne makes it back to shore—with the help of a mysterious St. Bernard—but Lauren is dragged out stone cold dead. Now, with her trusty basset hound Socrates at her side, Daphne intends to assist Detective Jonathan Black in his investigation—whether he wants her to or not . . .

Includes recipes for homemade pet treats!

Purchase Links
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About the Author

Bethany Blake lives in a small, quaint town in Pennsylvania with her husband and three daughters. When she’s not writing or riding horses, she’s wrangling a menagerie of furry family members that includes a nervous pit bull, a fearsome feline, a blind goldfish, and an attack cardinal named Robert. Like Daphne Templeton, the heroine of her Lucky Paws Mysteries, Bethany holds a Ph.D. and operates a pet sitting business called Barkley’s Premium Pet Care.

Author Links

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Cozy Prizes Friday: Murder is a Dirty Business



Welcome to Cozy Prizes Friday where today we feature Murder is a Dirty Business.  Now, I know you are all itching to start that Spring cleaning, but could you ever be a crime scene cleaner? Granted, there are times in my house where one would think something had blown up, but I don’t think I could stomach a crime scene. Write about it: Yes. Clean it up? Are you kidding me?

Oh, and Prize Guy has a giveaway for you to enter, and he informs me that he too will not engage in cleaning of any sort. Scroll down to find him!

Some questions for Tricia…


How did you come with an idea for your book?

Murder is a Dirty Business was hatched during a conference when a crime scene cleaner came to talk to the group. I had been pondering the idea of a high school prank gone wrong and after the crime scene cleaner talk, my main character was born.

What scene do you hope your readers enjoy the most?

Tricia L. Sanders


There are two that I enjoyed writing. The first is the scene where Cece is slinging golf clubs at her cheating husband. The other is where she is making a mess of making coffee for Detective Alder while trying to get information out of him about the murder suspects.

What other things have you written or what projects might we see


 in the future?

I had several essays published in Sasee, a woman’s lifestyle magazine. I’m currently working on the sequel to Murder is a Dirty Business and a women’s fiction travel adventure.

If you could write any other genre what would that be?

I have an outline for a historical, but the research is boggling. I want to portray my character’s story accurately. I envy historical writers. One of these days I’ll pull mine out and dive in, but for now, I’m enjoying creating mysteries and contemporary adventures for my characters.


Is there a giveaway or promotion for this book?

Yes, I’m giving away a Kindle version of Murder is a Dirty Business.

Where can readers leave reviews of your book?







Murder is a Dirty Business

by Tricia L. Sanders

Murder is a Dirty Business

Cozy Mystery

1st in Series


When Cece Cavanaugh’s husband empties their joint bank account, steals her designer luggage, and runs off with a younger woman, Cece must decide whether to ask her manipulative mother-in-law for a handout or get a job. Choosing the easier path, Cece lands a job cleaning a crime scene where a high school coach was murdered. When his wife is implicated—a young woman Cece practically raised—Cece finds herself mopping floors, balancing an empty checkbook, and ferreting out a killer.

Amid all this messy business, Cece bumps heads with a handsome detective. She tries to ignore her growing attraction to the detective, but he gives new meaning to the term “hot flash.”

After she stumbles onto a clue that could vindicate her friend, her elation turns to panic when she haphazardly confronts the killer. Through the danger and romance, Cece discovers self-reliance and inner strength.

And that crime—at least, someone else’s—does pay the bills.


Tricia L. Sanders writes about women with class, sass, and a touch of kickass. A former instructional designer and corporate trainer, she traded in curriculum writing for novel writing, because she hates bullet points and loves to make stuff up. And fiction is more fun than training guides and lesson plans.

When she isn’t writing, Tricia is busy crossing dreams off her bucket list. With all 50 states checked, she’s concentrating on foreign interests. She’s an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan, so don’t get between her and the television when a game is on. Currently, she is working on a mystery series set in the fictional town of Wickford, Missouri. Another project in the works is a women’s fiction road trip adventure.

Her essays have appeared in Sasee, ByLine, The Cuivre River Anthology and Great American Outhouse Stories; The Whole Truth and Nothing Butt. She is a proud member of The Lit Ladies, six women writing their truths into fiction.

Author Links





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