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Have you heard about social media influencers? They want us to wear what they wear, buy what they buy, and go where they go. A Kardashian, I’ll never be, but I do like the idea of an influencer involved in solving a murder. Today we have #Tag Me for Murder by Sarah Burr, so get your besties together the trend is #murder.

About the Book

When murder trends too close to home, social media influencer Coco Cline will have to swipe through a sea of trolls to tag a killer.
After cracking her first case, Cordelia “Coco” Cline’s life is finally getting back to normal—or as normal as life can be when you have over three million followers online. With a thriving business, a devoted boyfriend, and her two besties living right up the street, Coco is set to have the most fun summer of her life until Larry and Rosalynn Dunmer move into the condo next door.
Coco and her friends do their best to avoid the confrontational duo, but when a party at a swanky new wine bar brings everyone together, things become less than neighborly faster than a celebrity-themed hashtag goes viral. Larry levels some super shady threats toward Coco and her BFF Jasper, which could have dire consequences for their multimedia empires. Just as Coco begins to wonder if she’ll have to spend the rest of the summer looking over her shoulder, she gets a shocking request from police. As part of her PR gig with the Central Shores PD, they need her to come to the beach and keep the public at bay. A body has washed ashore.
Thinking a poor swimmer drowned just before the Salute to Summer festival kicks off, Coco arrives to find Larry Dunmer, dead with a corkscrew sticking out of his neck. What’s even more unbelievable is that Jasper quickly shoots to the top of Chief McInnis’s suspect list. In full-on panic mode, Coco decides to use her tech-savvy sleuthing skills to clear her best friend’s name before his rep is ruined. She soon discovers that Larry made quite a few enemies during his very short stay in town. But who hated him enough to kill him?
Return to the beaches of Central Shores as Coco Cline and her squad assemble to catch a killer before they get canceled…permanently.


My tongue felt like sandpaper. I’d hoped talking everything out with Jasper would help me realize that I was completely overreacting. But he was right. Jasper certainly had the motive to want Larry dead. “Hey, Larry threatened to sabotage Trending Topic, too.”
“Yeah, but your corkscrew wasn’t found shoved into his neck, now, was it?”
I winced at the blunt imagery. “I’m sure once Hudson, Charlotte, and I tell the police you didn’t even take your party favor with you, that will be the end of it.” Oh, the irony. I’d used my boyfriend’s unwelcomed logical explanation to smooth over the situation. “But when the deets about Larry’s death get leaked, you might want to prepare for a boatload of press that could affect Divulge.”
Jasper waved a hand aside. “Please. What’s the golden rule?”
We said it together. “No publicity is bad publicity.”
Our in-sync delivery elicited only a half-hearted laugh from Jasper. His blasé attitude about the whole situation had suddenly evaporated.
I leaned forward in my seat. “What’s wrong?”
“Well, if clearing my name relies solely on you guys saying I left without my corkscrew, we might have a problem.” Jasper scratched his head. “You see, I hit up Vine on my way home from Dover to see if you all were still there.”
My heart somersaulted. “Um, why didn’t you just text?”
“I stupidly decided to install that new, huge software update on my cell during the car ride back. It was on an infuriating load screen for hours.” He shuddered. Jasper was never without his iPhone. He clutched it in his palm as we spoke. Being without it for even a few minutes drove him up a wall. “Since I couldn’t message you, I opted to stop by Vine.”
I didn’t like where this was going. “We left around ten. Charlotte and I had to be up early for work.”
Jasper nodded. “I ran into Andre, and he told me you guys left to get your beauty sleep. He then reminded me to pick up my corkscrew because I mentioned that I hadn’t had a chance to grab it. Since there was no point in hanging around the party without you, I swung by the souvenir table on my way out.” An annoyed frown grew on Jasper’s face. “I couldn’t find one with my name on it. I checked every corkscrew left. Mine wasn’t there.” He sighed. “But I didn’t bother telling Andre. He was too busy schmoozing some folks who reeked of Crestview privilege. So, I just pretended to take a corkscrew and split.”
The implications of Jasper’s polite actions rained down on me. “Oh no.” His statement made anything Hudson, Charlotte, and I could tell the police irrelevant. Any investigator with half a brain could poke holes in Jasper’s story. Of course, he wouldn’t admit to picking up the party favor if he’d used it to kill his onerous neighbor, especially after said neighbor had threatened his media empire.
It was my turn to rub my eyes, not with weariness but with building tension. “Maybe someone else can confirm that you actually didn’t grab a souvenir.”
Jasper sighed as he rose from his chair and shuffled into the open-concept kitchen. “I doubt it. By the time I returned to the party, everyone was thoroughly sloshed on grapes.”
I joined him at the counter as he toasted two slices of bread. I waited until he was done slathering apricot jam on his breakfast before continuing with my questions. “So, you bailed on us to drive up to Dover last night?”
“I told you. I had a meeting,” Jasper mumbled through a crunchy mouthful.
I stared at him for a beat. “You’ve mentioned that much. Who was it with?”
He wrinkled his nose. “Why does it matter?”
I drummed my fingers anxiously on the countertop. “Well, for one, they might be your alibi.”
Jasper shook his head. “I’m sure once I talk to the police, everything will be fine. You’re getting way ahead of yourself, Coco.” He eyed me curiously. “It’s like you want me to be a suspect or something.”
“What? Are you insane?”
He rolled his eyes. “No. But that squeaky denial voice makes me think you actually might be.” His sly expression morphed into a grin. “You want a reason to stick your nose into Larry’s death, don’t you? Like you did with Stacy’s murder?” He tsked as he wiggled a finger in front of my nose. “You’re a murder mystery addict looking for a fix.”
I puffed my chest out defensively. “I only got caught up in Stacy’s murder because the chief tried to pin the crime on my clients.”
Jasper’s groomed eyebrows shot up, but he wisely held his tongue.
“This is totally different,” I pressed onward. “I was there at the beach. I saw Gavin’s reaction to the corkscrew.” My sea-foam gaze pinned Jasper in his place. “The police are going to follow the evidence. What if all the evidence conveniently points to you?”
My best friend’s confidence deflated right before me as confusion settled across his features.
“You think someone is trying to frame me?”

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About the Author

Sarah E. Burr is the award-winning author of the Glenmyre Whim Mysteries, Trending Topic Mysteries, and Court of Mystery series. She currently serves as the social media manager for the New York chapter of Sisters in Crime and is the creative mind behind BookstaBundles, a content creation service for authors. Sarah is the co-host of The Bookish Hour, a live-streamed YouTube series featuring author interviews and book discussions. When she’s not spinning up stories, Sarah is singing Broadway tunes, reading everything from mystery to manga, video gaming, and enjoying walks with her dog, Eevee. Stay connected with Sarah via her newsletter: https://bit.ly/saraheburrsignup

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