Double Dipped

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Time to load up the car and head to a little town from your childhood. Retta has just packed up her classroom and can’t decide whether or not to sign a contract for the next year. What to do? Retta is at odds with life. She returns to Moon Lake, her summer haven, to find things have changed and not for the better. Double Dipped is a novella by Terry Korth Fischer in eBook and audiobook and a great vacation read!

Oh, and I’ll take a scoop of rocky road and another of French vanilla, Terry.

About Double Dipped

Accepting second best is good for her career, but first-grade teacher, Retta Curt, delays signing up for the disappointment. Given two weeks to consider her contract, she retreats to Gram’s cottage on Moon Lake, the last place she felt contentment. But the cottage is derelict; Cousin Julie, distant; childhood beaux, Dean, bitter; and Sweet Picks, the family ice cream stand, in danger of folding. A surly newcomer is buying and then running down properties until nothing remains of the idyllic lakeside community she remembers. When vandals target Sweet Picks, Retta’s dreams to recapture her happy childhood collapse, and the return to Moon Lake becomes a decision worse than accepting her teaching contract. Disheartened. Star-crossed. Can Retta save the family business and rediscover happiness, or is she destined for a second-best future?

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My Review

Retta has returned to her childhood vacation spots at moon lake as she considers whether to sign a teaching contract. She finds things have changed and not for the better. Her grandmother’s cottage is in disrepair and her teenage crush is a man who life has kicked around. I loved this story because it took the returning home vibe you so often see in Hallmark movies, but showed the disillusionment of reality. Don’t worry, this is a positive tale of hope, friendship and family. Don’t miss the cute long-haired dachshund named Herman.

RIP my sweet Martin! I thought of you while I read this book!

About the Author

Terry Korth Fischer writes short stories, memoirs, and mysteries. Transplanted from the Midwest, Terry lives in Houston, Texas. When not writing, she loves reading, frolicking with the kittens, and basking in the sunshine. Yet, her heart often wanders to the country’s heartland, where she spent a memorable—ordinary but charmed—childhood. Learn more about Terry at her author website:

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