Do it for Daisy

Do It for Daisy

Do you have a sibling you’d do just about anything for? As we get older, sometimes we find our siblings are the few people left on earth who really get us. They were there through the ups and downs of childhood so they know you. As an Army brat, I can tell you, every time we moved, for the first three weeks in a new posting my brothers were my best friends. Then we made other friends and all bets were off! In Do it for Daisy we have a brother who would do anything for his sister. I mean anything.

Description of Do It for Daisy

Tommy Lyle was desperate for love. Orphaned when police killed his criminal parents during a shoot-out, and twice divorced before he was forty, the only person left in his life who cared about him was his big sister, Daisy. And Daisy just pushed her wealthy husband to his death in the middle of Tommy’s dinner party.

Tommy’s desperate effort to keep his sister’s affection tests his already slippery hold on morality. She demands his help covering up her crime and navigating a revengeful mother-in-law, a crooked medical examiner, a cheating undertaker, and a steely-eyed trustee.

If that wasn’t enough trouble, Tommy has to keep Detective Nick Bongiovanni from turning a simple follow up visit to the husband’s apparent accidental fall, into the crime of the century.

Other Reviews

William Ade’s “Do it for Daisy” is that rare treat—an exquisitely crafted novel that lives comfortably in a range of genres, and sets the highest possible bar in any of them. Funny, sad, suspenseful, thrilling, reflective, maddening, and ultimately triumphant, with this impressive debut Ade proves himself a master storyteller and a powerful new voice in crime fiction. Kerry K. Cox, author of the Nick Tanner Crime Thriller Series.

More About William Ade

William Ade was born and raised in a small town in Indiana during the fifties and sixties. He earned college degrees in early childhood education and special education, working in both fields until 1980. That August, he and his wife of one year moved to the Washington DC area. They had freshly minted graduate degrees, a VW Super Beetle, and no jobs.

Ade’s career shifted from education to telecommunications, and he was eventually employed by MCI and then Verizon up until his retirement in 2014. During that same period of time, he and his wife, Cynthia raised two wonderful children into adulthood.

At his retirement, Ade announced to his wife, that he wanted to try his hand at writing. She said that if he was going to do that, he had to pursue it vigorously.

Ade’s work has appeared in the Mysteries Unimagined, the Rind Literary Magazine, The Broken Plate, Black Fox Literary, Mindscapes Unimagined, and the 2018, and 2019 Best New England Crime Stories. He writes both literary, humor, and crime stories.

His collection of short stories, No Time for His Nonsense was released in early 2020. His first novel, Art of Absolution, came out in July, 2020.

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Art of Absolution

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Art of Absolution Can a mother’s deceit save her child from the terrible truth? Can a virtuous man be forgiven for one horrible act? Bailey Robertson, still reeling from her husband’s death, is desperate to stop her college-aged child, Teddy, from knowing the circumstances of his birth. Five hundred miles away, Michael Werth, a prominent Midwestern businessman, is stunned that his fifteen-year-old daughter Susan is secretly digging into his past. Forced by their children into a meeting, Bailey confronts her history and fears, while Michael tests the limits of absolution. All to protect the child they created.

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