Book Review: Murder She Wrote: Murder in Season

Happy December!

I love a snuggly Christmas mystery to read during the holiday season. What better friend to have come calling than Jessica Fletcher in her latest adventure, Murder in Season. She’s brought along Seth Hazlett and Mort Metzger and of course, somebody up and died.

About the Book

Christmas has come to Cabot Cove, but a peaceful holiday season is not in the cards after Jessica Fletcher is pulled into a centuries-old mystery in the latest entry in this USA Today bestselling series.

With work on the reconstruction of her beloved home almost complete, Jessica Fletcher is in high holiday spirits, spearheading the annual Christmas parade and preparing for her nephew Grady and his family to come to town. The only thing dampening the holiday cheer is the discovery of two sets of bones on Jessica’s property: one set ancient, the other only about a year old. It’s concluded that they were both placed there during the reconstruction, and Jessica suspects that, despite the centuries between them, the remains might be connected. 

Soon tabloid reporter Tad Hollenbeck arrives in Cabot Cove to write a story about what he calls “the murder capital of the country.” But when Tad himself is murdered, Jessica speculates that his arrival, his death, and the discovery of the bones are all somehow linked.

As Jessica digs deeper to find the connection between the bones and Tad’s murder, everything seems to come back to a mystery that has long plagued Cabot Cove. If she wants to solve the case, she’ll need to delve into her beloved town’s dark history, or else this holiday season may be her last…

My Review of Murder in Season

Jess has finally returned to her home after a marriage renovation and is enjoying getting to know the feel of the house again. There is a problem with the plumbing and when they start digging they find two bodies. There is also a tabloid reporter who shows up and begins to badger Jessica about the fact that she has investigated maybe 50 murders around this seemingly quaint little town in Maine. He has a point there! I love getting to visit Cabot Cove, especially at Christmas. Seth is the ghost of Christmas past in A Christmas Carol and Mort Metzger is on the case with Jessica to solve the murders and ancient town secrets found in a hidden box. Love the familiar town and characters!

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