Book Review-Family Fallacies by Kassandra Lamb

Ever wonder about the world of psychologists?  I love that line from Steel Magnolias where Truvy asks M’Lynn to tell her about her clientele stating there are “some pretty sick tickets” in this town.  In Family Fallacies Kate Huntington, who is picking up her life after the death of her husband finds herself in the middle of some pretty fascinating characters.

Here is my review from Goodreads.

Family Fallacies (A Kate Huntington Mystery, #3)Family Fallacies by Kassandra Lamb

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mystery and romance–two of my favorites. Kassandra Lamb’s protagonist, Kate, is a psychologist treating a patient who could be recalling memories of childhood abuse. This is a fascinating topic to write about and the story’s pace and characters were wonderful. Great twist at the end.

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