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Book Review: A View to a Kilt

Time to head to snowy Maine to the wee town of Moosetookalook. I say “wee” because the mystery centers around the Scottish Emporium where you can find kilts in all colors and sizes. This is the 13th book in the Liss MacCrimmon Scottish Mystery Series and full of cute little dogs, mysteries from the past and evil corporate conglomerate. Perfect for a snowy afternoon.

A series of blizzards have kept tourists away from Moosetookalook, Maine, and shoppers out of Liss MacCrimmon’s Scottish Emporium. But as warmer weather brings promises of tartan sales and new faces, melting snow reveals cold-blooded murder . . .

Liss has suddenly found herself in charge of the March Madness Mud Season Sale, a town-wide celebration created to boost the local economy during the slushy weeks of early spring. With businesses ailing after a rough winter, the pressure is on to make this year’s effort the can’t-miss-event of the season. But before Liss can get her hands dirty, her husband makes a horrifying discovery. There’s a dead man on their property, and he didn’t die of natural causes . . .

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My Review

It’s a snowy time in Moosetookalook where Liss and Dan are dogsitting two Scotties, Dandy and Doni. Liss runs a specialty gift store and Dan is on the way to his carpentry shop when they discover a dead body in the garden. Liss immediately recognizes something familiar about the dead man, but can’t figure out what. It seems he is someone from her father’s past who has come back to town for a reason. This is the thirteenth book in this series, but my first time enjoying these characters and the little town of Moosetookalook, Maine. I would recommend this if you are a cozy mystery fan.

Pecan Bayou Mystery Series

Michele Lynn Siegfried visits with her new book Community Affairs + A Giveaway!

Seigfried photo Community AffairsOur visiting author this month is Michele Lynn Siegfried with her newest book Community Affairs.  This is the second book I’ve read in the series and I have to say they just keep getting better.  What I like about Michele’s writing is definitely the pacing.  You can’t put it down.  The characters are engaging and funny and the scene with the flaming dog poop on the porch?  Is this a Jersey thing?  That is a ONE BAD NEIGHBOR.

Michele was kind enough to answer some questions about her writing and after you read that don’t forget to scroll down and find the prize guy!  Enter to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card, a signed copy of Community Affairs, and an ebook copy!

Here’s Michele…..

  1. Tell us a little about yourself. 

Hi Teresa!  Thanks for hosting me on your blog today! 

I guess I’ll start with telling you about my books! I have written three mystery novels for adults and seven children’s picture books. The mystery novels are all part of the Jersey Shore Mystery Series and include Red Tape, Tax Cut and Community Affairs (in that order).  The children’s books I write are inspired by my toddler, who just turned three this month. I was an art minor in college, so I love to illustrate as well as write.  Writing and illustrating for me are an escape from reality! I find both to be relaxing and fun.  

Other than being a mom, I also work full-time in a government job. I was born and raised in New Jersey, and though I travel a lot, I’ve never lived elsewhere. I come from a very large Italian family and I have a beautiful adopted English Setter puppy too!  

 What inspired the idea behind your book?  Or should I ask, what are your neighbors really like? 

I knew I wanted to write a third book in the Jersey Shore Mystery Series, and I just loved Bonnie’s character so much that I wanted to give her a leading role. Yes, I have had some crazy neighbors—not quite with the antics Lyla Spratt pulled in Community Affairs! I also get inspiration from current events or even not so current ones, like the anthrax scare at a major post office in the town where I grew up. 

Who is your favorite character to create scenes for in the book?

Boy, it is hard to pick just one.  Bonnie is fun to write because she can be so crazy. Tex’s sarcasm is a lot of fun as well. Here is one of their exchanges: 

 I dialed Tex’s cell phone. I wasn’t sure if he’d be at work on a Saturday. He answered on the second ring.  

“Speak to me.” 

“That’s a rude way to answer your phone.” 

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the whore who lives next door.” 

“And I’m talking to the prick who was hit with the Entenmann’s stick.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“It means you’re cruel and overweight. It also means you’re not too bright, being that I had to explain it to you.” 

“Hey. That wasn’t nice.” 

“And I didn’t appreciate you calling me a whore.” 

“Fine. Truce?” 


“So, let me guess. You are calling about your neighbor.” 

“Yes, but I’m not complaining. I called to tell you my neighbor sent the envelope with the powder in it to my work.” 

“Yes, dear. I’m already aware.” 

“Oh. How did you know? Cop code? You guys are worse than little old ladies with the way you gossip.” 

“No, Ms. Know-It-All. I got a call from Homeland Security.” 


 How can readers find your books and what other books are in this series? 

 Readers can find my books on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and many other retailers. They can also find out more information about each on my website www.michelelynnseigfried.com 


The books in the Jersey Shore Mystery Series are: 

Red Tape 

Tax Cut 

Community Affairs 

Click on Me to Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway!

Click on Me to Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway!

Community Affairs Prizes

$50 Amazon gift card

An autographed copy of Community Affairs

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My Review of Community Affairs- 5 Stars

Michele Lynn Siegfried does it again with her city clerk, Bonnie Fattori who sometimes can’t keep her mouth shut or her sense of flirtation down to a respectable level.  This time Bonnie encounters a crazy new neighbor with a husband who just loves to flirt.  Miss Siegfried peppers the story with some wonderful descriptions that had me laughing out loud like “he lit up like a teenager with a fistful of ones at a nudie bar.”   This is a fun, fast-paced mystery to read with a plot twist you won’t see coming.   Just excellent!

An Uplifting Story for Caregivers

While I was on tour, I needed to talk about my books, but now that I’m off, I can talk about someone else’s book!

At the recommendation of a friend I read Adam: God’s Beloved by Henri Nouwen. This is a true story of a Catholic priest in Canada who is assigned to take care of a group of disabled adults.  Nouwen, who wrote more than 40 books and taught at Notre Dame, Yale and Harvard, becomes friends with a man who is totally dependent on others.  Being a caregiver myself, I found Henri and Adam’s story uplifting and encouraging.  His life with Adam becomes so simple and yet so meaningful.

I know I have readers who are also blessed with special children, so I wanted to share this treasure.  Reading the reviews of Adam: God’s Beloved his many other books are similar to this one, but it is so wonderful to find a positive message in the challenges we face every day.

New Review for Murder for a Rainy Day at Melina’s Book Blog

My book was reviewed over at Melina’s Book Blog today!  Here is some of her review:

If you are looking for a fast entertaining read, that will keep you guessing, then this is the book for you. ~Melina’s Book Blog

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Mysteries Etc Reviews Murder for a Rainy Day

MFRD_New ReviewMurder for a Rainy Day was reviewed by Mysteries Etc!  Here is a little of the review:

This is the sixth book in Teresa Trent’s Pecan Bayou series featuring amateur detective Betsy who also writes a column on handy hints for the local paper. She is also ready to pop…as in very very pregnant. And there is a hurricane coming. And her weather man husband wants to storm chase. Then there are the missing oversize animal replicas. Ghosts. And a murder. Lots happening in this fun fast read.

Read the rest of the review at Mysteries Etc



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New Review for Murder for a Rainy Day at Readalot

Murder for a Rainy earned a 4 Star review from Readalot!

This is the sixth book in the series. I have now read the last 3 of the series. Murder for a Rainy Day had some things that I knew were coming and other twists I did not see. It had some funny stuff, some recaps with dreams, some silly crimes and some murder.

Click here to read the full review  And while you’re there don’t forget to enter my giveaway-a $25 Amazon gift card.



New Review of Buzzkill from Brooke Blogs

I’m over at Brooke Blogs today with an excerpt of Buzzkill and a review from Brooke.  Here is a part of her review.

Though Buzz Kill is the fourth in the Pecan Bayou series, I found I was definitely able to read it as a stand-alone. I felt like I had a good grasp of the characters. Buzz Kill is a perfect cozy mystery: it has romance and a touch of humor. I love that in a cozy!

Go to Brooke Blogs to read the rest of the review.

Thank you Brooke!

Readers are also leaving some great helpful hints that Betsy would love to use in her column.

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5 Flowers Review for Buzzkill from a Chick Who Reads

Yesterday I received hearts and today it’s flowers.  Hoping this means chocolates may be in my future. (I’ll share)  I’m happy to be visiting over at A Chick Who Reads chickbuttontoday, so hop on over and don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a jar of Texas honey and an Amazon Gift Card.

Here is some of Andrea’s review.

5 Flowers

The hilarity that ensues while Betsy tries to get organized and then gets a wedding planner is truly priceless. It definitely made me wonder why anyone goes through all the hassle or in this case why they’d want to get married on Valentine’s Day. (Oh yeah..so their hubby won’t forget!) The whole wedding planning process is full of issues thanks to another couple getting married on the same day and one half of the wedding party is the mayor’s son. 

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Thank you Andrea!  I appreciate your review.