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Book Blast Friday: The Advice Column Murders

Don’t you just love advice columns?  Of course, if you live in a small town like Charley Carpenter, you don’t have to go too far to get unsolicited advice! I reviewed The Advice Column Murders and really loved the many layers of the mystery!


About the Book

The Advice Column Murders: The Oakwood Mystery Series

In a small town like Oakwood, Ohio, everyone knows everyone else’s business—except for Charley Carpenter’s standoffish new neighbors, who tend to keep to themselves. But behind closed doors, Paxton Sharpe’s habit of screaming bloody murder at all hours of the day keeps Charley awake all night. Coupled with the stress of the increasingly delayed expansion of her shop, Old Hat Vintage Fashions, the insomnia is driving Charley crazy. Her only distraction? The local paper’s irreverent new advice column, “Ask Jackie.”

Jackie’s biting commentary usually leaves Charley and her employees rolling on the floor, but her latest column is no laughing matter. An oddly phrased query hinting at a child in peril immediately puts Charley on high alert. After arriving home to a bloodcurdling scream next door, she follows the noise into the basement and makes a grisly discovery: the body of Judith Sharpe’s adult daughter.

With Detective Marcus Trenault off in Chicago, Charley decides to take matters into her own hands. Convinced that the murder is connected to the desperate plea for help in “Ask Jackie,” she embarks on a twisted investigation that has her keeping up with the Sharpes—before a killer strikes again.

My Review:  4 Stars

Charley Carpenter is on the case again as she finds herself solving a mystery right in the neighborhood. When a young woman asks her to help out with a crime, Charley is drawn into a mystery. When the same young woman is found dead, Charley starts collecting the clues including the fact that this woman was once pregnant. There were many layers to this mystery and I enjoyed piecing together the suspects to figure out who done it. I was surprised by who the murder actually was! Well done.

About the Author

About The Author

Leslie Nagel is a writer and teacher of writing at a local community college. Her debut novel, “The Book Club Murders”, is the first in the Oakwood Mystery Series. Leslie lives in the all too real city of Oakwood, Ohio, where murders are rare but great stories lie thick on the ground. After the written word, her passions include her husband, her son, and daughter, hiking, tennis and strong black coffee, not necessarily in that order.


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