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Book Review: Murder She Wrote: The Murder of Twelve

You know I love my Jessica and she’s back with a wedding party stuck in a blizzard. Brrrr and just as it’s starting to heat up in South Texas. Seth and Mort Metzger are back but Jessica spends most of her time solving this one with Seamus the ex-constable from Ireland. This one definitely has the “And Then There Were None” vibe to it.


   Still staying at the Hill House hotel while her beloved home is being rebuilt, Jessica Fletcher finds herself sharing the space for a weekend with a dozen members of a wedding party who have gathered there for a rehearsal dinner. The families of the bride and groom can’t stand each other but have agreed to put aside years of long-simmering tension to celebrate the nuptials.

     Unfortunately, weather forecasters underestimated the severity of a storm that turns into a historic blizzard that dumps nearly five feet of snow on Cabot Cove, leaving everyone stranded.

     But the hotel guests have bigger things to worry about than bad weather conditions and potential cold feet, because a murderer has shown up uninvited–one who has vowed to take them down one by one….

My Review

Jessica Fletcher is still living in a hotel while she is having her house remodeled. She stumbles into a wedding party in the middle of a blizzard that has both Seth and Mort unable to get to her. This story has a classic feel to it, with members of a wedding party being killed off one by one in a deadly storm. There were plenty of red herrings in this mystery, and I’m still not sure whether I liked who the murderer was. Notable mentions: Seamus the Irish ex-constable and the numbers on the clock. Murder of Twelve is a great mystery to settle in with, especially in the middle of a snowstorm.

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I obtained this title through Net Galley and have left an honest review.