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Cranberry Bluff- A Cozy Mystery Review

One of the things I  enjoy in an Agatha Christie mystery is the character with a secret. I love how when you get to the end of the story, half of the characters are related, in business or are in bed with the other half of the characters. Good stuff.

In Deborah Garner’s Cranberry Bluff, the main character has just inherited a bed and breakfast, something that I think many readers would like to do. I entertained the thought for about five minutes once until I realized I would have to get up every day and bake. But wait, employing the Agatha Christie model of character development, things aren’t what they seem.

Here is my review posted on Amazon:

4 Stars

I enjoyed this mystery!  Molly Elliot is running a newly inherited B&B and is also running from a terrible mixup in Florida. She was caught in a bank robbery and just happened to look like the bank robber. Molly checks in are a honeymoon couple, an eccentric older lady, and a good looking guy at her Bed and Breakfast. At first, these people seem so average! Cranberry Bluff was an entertaining mystery from start to finish.