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Hats Off To Penn Jillette for Being a Friend of Opportunity Village

Magic hats that is.  Last night on the finale of Celebrity Apprentice it was down to Penn Jillette and Trace Adkins.  I knew Trace’s charity was The Red Cross and living in a hurricane zone, I am always thankful for their help in my community, but I was tickled pink when it was revealed that Penn Gillette’s charity was Opportunity Village in Las Vegas.  This is a place of employment for many intellectually disabled adults  and the kind of place I dream of my son being a part of one day.  People with disabilities want to work, take pride in their work and some of them even live for their work.  When Penn showed the scarf that they made for him and then started tearing up, I have to admit I was crying right along with him.  Okay, Trace won Celebrity Apprentice, but Penn you won my admiration and thanks for including people with disabilities in your world.  Maybe I need to write a magician with a heart of gold into my next mystery….

Speaking of my next mystery, here’s the news you’ve been waiting for…my fourth book will be out this summer.  Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter @ttrent_cozymys or follow this blog to see the cover reveal and find out when it will be available for purchase.

Hints about the book?

Bees, Bridezillas and Bratwurst.