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A Chat and a Chai With Betsy Livingston

ChloeGetsAClueI’m over at Chloe Gets a Clue today where my main character Betsy, The Helpful Hinter, is having a conversation with Chloe Carstairs another fictional character who is an interior decorator and amateur detective .  This was so much fun as the two of them discuss weddings and solving crimes and compare Chloe’s Rhodesian Ridgeback with Betsy’s Weimaraner.

Here is a little of the conversation:

Chloe: Good tip. Speaking of Buzzkill, your recipe for homemade calamine lotion has some unintended side-effects. Want to talk about it? 

Betsy: You would bring that up. Next thing I need to ask you is whose wedding are you going to attend – mine or Prissy’s? She is so stressed out trying to be the premier bride in town that when she put it on her skin, she broke out in hives. Of course she blames me, but I just think it was her own body turning on her.

Go to Chloe Gets a Clue to read the full discussion

Check out Chloe’s Mystery-Murder on the First Day of Christmas.  I have always wanted to write a Christmas mystery and I love reading them.

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