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Visit a Book Store Today!

Today is Independent Book Store Day

August 29 is Independent Book Store Day

My parents owned one of these little stores for a few years and at the age of 10, I was expected to help on the register when they went to the backroom to eat a sandwich. I loved the smell of books and comic books. I read every issue of Archie and Little Dot and rotted my teeth out with our glorious display of candy. Not a bad thing for a kid to be around. Today you can celebrate Independent Book Store day by visiting your local bookstore.

In this world of big companies running the book business, we need to remember and support the little guy. They are the people who can recommend a good book, look the other way when you decide to read more than the first chapter and give a writer like me a chance to be around their readership.

So that’s your call to action. Put on that mask, pocket the hand sanitizer, and head for the bookstore. Don’t forget to give the books a sniff.

If you are in the Houston area make a quick visit to Murder by the Book and Katy Budget Books. I’m sure there are more out there and if you are one, put it in the comments!

Happy Reading ~ Teresa