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Happy Homicides 5: The Purr-fect Crime Blog Tour Day 10

Man, is this a cat with an attitude. So strange for this species!  Neil Plakcy is our last author on the blog tour and he is over at The Reading Addict Elf today, but first, read a little about his story in Happy Homicides 5. One more thing all you cat lovers–he writes about golden retrievers. This could get interesting!

Riding the Tiger: A Golden Retriever Mystery

Neil Plakcy writes romance and mystery, although he often varies the proportions of each. Like a lot of authors, he spends a great deal of time with his four-legged companion, so it was natural for him to pen a series featuring a golden retriever.


Go read more about Neil at The Reading Addict Elf


Happy Homicides 5: The Purr-fect Crime Blog Tour Day 9

Who could be blue when Happy Homicides 5 a terrific collection of cozy mysteries centered around cats is now on sale?  Today Linda Gordon Hengerer is visiting at This and That Book Blog. Before you click over, here is a little about her story for the anthology.

Dying for Sweet Tea: A Beach Tea Shop Short Story

 When a guard for a new exhibit at the Citrus Beach Museum of Art is found dead, will a cat thief turn out to be the killer?


Go to This and That Book Blog to read more about Linda Gordon Hengerer


Happy Homicides the Purr-fect Crime Blog Tour Day 8


Hang in there kitty, we are on day 8 of the Happy Homicides 5: The Purr-fect Crime. Today Joanna Campbell Slan is making an author to author visit to Jacquie Biggar’s blog. Jacquie writes romantic suspense so check her books out too!

Here is a description of Joanna’s story for the anthology.

The Catnip Caper: A Cara Mia Delgatto Mystery

The Cara Mia Delgatto series is a spin-off from Joanna’s popular Kiki Lowenstein mysteries. Cara and her friends are all animal lovers, but sometimes love can go astray.

Click Here to go to read more about Joanna Campbell Slan at Jacquie Biggar’s Blog

Happy Homicides 5: The Purr-fect Crime Book Tour Day 4

The blog tour continues and today I am on the list! You can find me at Eskie Mama Reads being interviewed. Learn a little about the behind the scenes part of producing these anthologies. I’ll give you hint–it’s a lot of fun!  Here’s a little about my story in the anthology.

Double-Tap: A Pecan Bayou Mystery 
Betsy Livingston Fitzpatrick, AKA the Happy Hinter, is an ongoing character in Teresa Trent’s Pecan Bayou series. Anyone who’s ever been part of a dance recital will relate to Betsy’s struggles—but most of us won’t have to solve a murder mystery while trying to master tricky choreography.

Click Here to go to Eskie Mama Reads to read Teresa Trent’s interview

Then Karen Cantwell writes terrifically fun mysteries and romantic comedies (my favorite title being Citizen Insane!) Here is an introduction to the story Karen wrote for Purr-fect Crime.

The Wizard of Paws: A Barbara Marr Mystery Short  

Barbara Marr is anything but your average mom. In this addition to Karen Cantwell’s series, a sick cat sends Barbara tripping down the Yellow Brick Road as she searches for answers to a particularly heartless crime.

Something she does at her website is a free short story store that will send stories directly to your Kindle. Great idea, Karen!  You can read more from Karen today at Queen of All She Reads.

Click Here to Go to Queen of All She Reads for Karen Cantwell

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Happy Homicides Purr-fect Crime Tour Day 2


Today Joanna Campbell Slan is visiting Fabulous and Brunette.  Joanna writes the Kiki Lowenstein Mysteries and is one of the leaders of this motley group of cozy writers.

Comment and you could win a $50 Etsy Gift Card!

Click this and go to Fabulous and Brunette.


My story Double Tap has Betsy and Aunt Maggie tap dancing with the Pecanettes. Have you ever been part of a local dance class or group?


Happy Homicides The Purr-fect Crime Blog Tour Day 1

Guess What? I’m on another big blog tour! Happy Homicides has come out with a Mother’s Day spectacular The Perr-fect Crime.  Come along on the blog tour and enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card from Etsy. (I can go through something like that in a hurry).  All of our incredible cozy authors are posting around the web.


Wendy Sand Eckels is at Readeropolis

Wendy is the Author of the Rosalie Hart Mystery Series set on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. A cozy mystery series with to-die-for recipes and small-town charm.

Randy Rawls is at Rogues Angels

Randy writes about a Texas PI named ACE for Arthur Conan Edwards.