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Cowboy boots or flip flops?

I’m over being interviewed at Gayle Carline’s blog today.  She really gave me  some excellent interview questions and it took me days to think about and answer them. When asked if I preferred cowboy boots or flip flops, I had to say flip flops.  You would think living in Texas I would go for the cowboy boots, but living in South Texas being cool is better than being cowboy for me.  What’s your answer?  Flip flops or cowboy boots?

You can read the entire interview here.

Gayle will be visiting my blog on the weekend after Thanksgiving.  She is a humor columnist and a mystery writer and has a new book coming out.  She is also going to give us a little excerpt of her latest mystery and then spring a pop quiz on you.  The winner will get a free copy of her book, so hang on…more details to follow.

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Photo Used With Permission. Morgue File