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Downton Abbey!

Downton Abbey Season 2 is going strong in America  on Masterpiece Classics!  If you haven’t seen this series you can catch it on Netflix or at pbs.org.  It is the “Upstairs, Downstairs” of this century but even better.  The characters on both levels are so well developed and acted that you really feel a part of this upper class/lower class British family.   Maggie Smith is a riot.  I especially loved when she sat in a spinning office chair with wheels and upon hearing it was invented by Thomas Jefferson she said something like, “Must I endure every day fighting with another American?”

My questions for this season:

Does Bates go to war?

Will any of the characters die in this war?

Will Thomas finally get what he deserves?

Will the other “Charming Charlie” come back into the story and finally have his day-(poor over rich)

One other thing-the costuming for this production is outstanding.  I haven’t really seen too many programs in this time period and when I’ve looked at old drawings of the styles they looked pretty uncomfortable.  The costume designer brought out what was in style and why it looked good at that time.

In our world of endless gritty crime dramas, sitcoms, and whatever else the networks have decided I will like-thank goodness for Downton Abbey.