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Creative Writing Prompt: Writing Your Character’s History

In this writing prompt we are going to use this gentleman I found over at Morguefile.

As you create your characters, take time to write their personal histories.  The more you  create about your characters, the easier it will be for you to write how they will respond to the situations you write for them.

Baby Boomer in Denial

Baby Boomer in Denial  

So, going back to our old man let’s answer some questions about him.

1.  What is the name his mother gave him?

2.  What name does he go by these days?  What does it have to do with his personality or his history?

3.  Why is this man living on the streets?  Does he have an addiction?  Is he mentally ill?  Is he just down and out?

4.  Take 20 seconds and look into his eyes.  Write the first thing that comes to your mind.

5.  Look at his hands.  Describe his fingers, fingernails, knuckles, etc.  What occupation do you think he might have had?

6.  Look at his cuffs.  They don’t match.  Even though you can’t see everything he has on use your imagination and fill in the missing pieces.  Tell  some of the history of the outfit.  How long has it been since it was clean?  Does he have socks and properly fitting shoes on his feet?

7.  If his life could be different what would he wish it to be?

Once you finish writing about this man, take it a step further and write an interaction with another character.

Choose from this list.

1.  A social worker

2.  One of his children

3.  A business person

4.  Another street person

5.  Something supernatural


Photo found at Morguefile