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Find Out More About Overdue For Murder In My Interview At Christie Palmer’s Blog

I’m over visiting author Christie Palmer’s blog today.

She sent me some pretty intense interview questions about writing and about my book Overdue for Murder.  Here is an excerpt:

Tell me about this book, what made you want to write this story?

Answer: I am constantly interacting with other writers and wondered  what it would be like to have so many different genres in one room.  Would the chick-lit writer get along with the romance writer? Would the  vampire writer get along with the alien guy? Would the librarian like  any of them? If someone was murdered from this group who would most  likely be the victim and who would be the murderer?     Read the Rest of the Interview

You can also enter my cupcake giveaway on Christie’s blog!  3 ebooks, a $5 Amazon gift card, a $25 gift card from Crumbs Online Bakery.  Yummmm!  

Thanks to all who downloaded my first book , A Dash of Murder on it’s Amazon Kindle Free Days.

Check out Christie's book-Shadow Play

Check out Christie’s book-Shadow Play