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Walking With My Buddy

Like thousands of friends and family members of people with Down Syndrome, I’m participating in a Buddy Walk during the month of October, Down Syndrome Awareness Month. My son and I went for our walk this weekend with many other families and after some warm ups, dancing with cheerleaders and a snack, we set out for two exhausting laps around a ball field. His favorite part was not the walk, but the firetruck they had out for the kids and adults. He, of course, was ready to go in and drive the thing out of the park!

How fast can this baby go?

If you ever wonder why I always include the character of Danny in my books, it is because of this guy. I can’t imagine any part of my life without him…even my imaginary world.

Down Syndrome Buddy walks raise funds for education, advocacy and fellowship for Down Syndrome people and their families.

The really good ones have firetrucks.