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I Will Be Maud Marks Library Celebrate Local Authors Day on Saturday

maudmarksI will be reading from A Dash of Murder on Saturday, October 24 at the Maud Marks Library in Katy. I’m scheduled for 1:45 pm YA/Adult area but will have a table set up in the library from 12:30 to 5 PM. Stop by if you are in Katy.  Here is some information you might need.

  1. Yes, I’ll have books for sale.
  2. Yes, I will talk to you about Happy Homicides: 13 Cozy Holiday Mysteries @ 99 Cents
  3. Yes, I have CANDY for you!

I will be joined by authors of children’s books, young adult, sci-fi, poetry, romance, historical, medical thrillers and more.  It’s a great way to meet some local authors and get to know their work.  Monica Shaugnessy, another cozy mystery writer will also be appearing, so check out her Catarina Mysteries!

Click here for maps and directions

A Dash of Murder @ 99 Cents!

Pecan Bayou Series #1

Pecan Bayou Series #1

One thing I often find is that when people read the first book in my Pecan Bayou Series, A Dash of Murder, they tend to want to read more of Betsy and Leo and all the crazy characters in Pecan Bayou.  So the good news is, if you haven’t read the first book, it is now available for 99 Cents on Amazon, Nook, Kobo and more.   Could you go on a ghost hunt in an abandoned hospital…at night?  I’ll admit it.  The closest I would get to that is in my own head!  The joy of writing.

From Bunnie’s Review-

I love reading a good mystery and this one did not let me down. The author will take readers on a trail with ghost, murder and a little romance. This book is a short fast read. Yet, the author created a book that will keep readers interested until the end. I did not figure out the villain until it was revealed in the book. Okay no more about that I do not want to write any spoilers.


A Dash of Murder Only 99 Cents During October

Pecan Bayou Series #1

Pecan Bayou Series #1

October is upon us, and I thought because I have a book that takes place over Halloween why not make it 99 cents?

Here’s the deal.  Click on the banner below and it will take you to my Smashwords page where you can download the book-just make sure you use the coupon code at the checkout.  This is my first book in the Pecan Bayou Series.


A Mystery for Ghost Hunters!
When Betsy’s Aunt Maggie wants to drag her along on a ghost hunting excursion at the local abandoned tuberculosis hospital she isn’t sure if she quite believes in ghosts. When she comes upon a fresh spirit in the form of a body, she starts to rethink about what really is haunting the hospital.



I also have a list of discussion questions to be used with book clubs.  If your club does use the book-I would love to hear about it!


The book will be on sale for the entire month of October.




Just in time for Halloween-Book Discussion Questions for A Dash of Murder

Discussion Questions for A Dash of MurderA Dash of Murder is my Halloween cozy mystery, so I’ve included a set of discussion questions whether you are in a book club or just want to answer them on your own.  If you do use them in your book club please let me know so I can acknowledge you on my Facebook page and Twitter (@ttrent_cozymys) account.  I also have a short ten question quiz at Goodreads with additional questions.

Click Here to Download Discussion Questions for A Dash of Murder

Click Here to Take the Goodreads Quiz.

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I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but most of my readers know that’s a good sign–I’m busily finishing up my manuscript for my fifth mystery in the Pecan Bayou series.  I think I finally have a title, but I’m not ready to reveal that yet.

It’s Down Syndrome Awareness month so I’m sending my love to all my friends with Down Syndrome and their families .

 You are my inspiration in all you do every day.


A Dash of Murder Free on Kindle 1-18 to 1-19

No, I haven’t fallen off the planet, but I have been very busy.  First of all A Dash of Murder will be free on January 18 and 19 on Kindle Select so if you didn’t get your free copy the first time, this is your chance.  This will be the last time I will probably offer this book for free and it will go back into general distribution by the end of February.   That means it will be available on Nook and Itunes again at that time.  Don’t be sad though, because Overdue For Murder will be having some free days on Kindle sometime in the next month.

So, yes, I’ve been busy writing and editing.  My third book, now titled Doggone Dead is in it’s final editing process, and I hope to have it out during the month of February.  As we get closer to completion and getting it out to the readers, I’ll let you know.  This book takes place over the Fourth of July and continues the adventures of Betsy Livingston, “The Happy Hinter” and her penchant for finding the latest homicide in Pecan Bayou.


More Free Copies of A Dash of Murder

I’m over visiting at The Official Blog-zine of Terra Little today.  Check out some of her books while you’re there! Terra is featuring my book A Dash of Murder and to win a free copy follow Terra’s instructions:

Where are all the good mystery lovers? If you happen to be one of them, be sure to scroll down a little bit and leave a comment here on the Blog-Zine. The second person who does wins a free electronic copy of A Dash of Murder by Teresa Trent for your personal library and reading pleasure!

Also, I received a review from Gayle Carline, author of the Peri Minneopa mysteries, the latest being Hit or Missus a funny book I’m reading right now.  Here’s her review of A Dash of Murder.

I enjoyed this story. Betsy and her family and friends are people I like spending time with, and the author has painted the unrelenting Indian summer of Texas perfectly. The mystery is a good one, and I liked wondering if the new guy in town wasn’t responsible. I also liked the way the two boys did not resolve their differences overnight, and that there was an underlying reason for the bully’s actions and attitude. The recipes in the back of the book are quite a bonus. Do be warned that this is a fairly short book, but it is entertaining. I would read more by this author.

Interview Time at MK McClintock’s Blog

I’m over at MK McClintock’s blog today being interviewed.  Here is an excerpt from the interview about future Pecan Bayou books.

Do you have plans for a new book?
Yes!  A Dash of Murder was my first book and I am promoting it during October because it takes place on Halloween.  Since then, I have written Overdue for Murder , a story that centers around writers doing a book talk and features lots and lots of cupcakes.  At this time I am working on my third book that will take place over the Fourth of July.  I can’t say much about it yet, but Betsy and all the characters come back and take a “slice” out of the incredibly high crime rate in this tiny town. 
To update about the third book, it is presently in rewrites!  I had so much fun researching this book, eating watermelon, watching beauty pageants and remembering my own mother and her love for old cowboy movies.  Happy trails to you…..

Writing and Old Friends

I’m over visiting at Book Review by Dee today.  I guest-posted about one of my favorite writers-Stephen King who just turned 65.  You can also enter your name for a giveaway of my book, A Dash of Murder.  Here is an excerpt from the article.

Every writer is haunted.  Every writer started out as that kid in the library clutching books against  his or her chest walking up to the checkout desk, ready to go on an adventure with a new found “friend” who has one heck of a tale to share with them.  They’ve drooled over the cover, read the blurb and are ready to share a few hours digging up archaeological relics, solving a mystery in an oh-so-haunted mansion, or confronting a beast that has evolved from unknown chemicals left in the lagoon.  I was that kid, and one of the first writers who really scared me so much  I was keeping the light on in my room into my  teen years, was Stephen King.

Go to Reviews by Dee to read more

Hoppin’ With the Bunnies Today

I’m over at Bunnie’s Review today promoting my Halloween book A Dash of Murder.  Bunny hopped in and left me a wonderful review!

I love reading a good mystery and this one did not let me down. The author will take readers on a trail with ghost, murder and a little romance. This book is a short fast read. Yet, the author created a book that will keep readers interested until the end. I did not figure out the villain until it was revealed in the book. Okay no more about that I do not want to write any spoilers.

Betsy is another female that has been let down by a male. She is not the average female. She actually makes a name for herself as ‘The Happy Hinter’. Betsy was hassled into going with her aunt on a ghost hunting expedition. Betsy feels like she should do whatever her aunt ask her.

If you are looking for a book that will take you to a small town with a little romance, lots of mystery and ghost hunting then look no further. This is the book for you. This is a book for almost anyone. The romance is keep at a minimum with the mystery high. This is a page turner that will keep you wondering “Who Did It?”.

I understand this is a series. However I have not read any other books yet this was a great standalone read. I will look for other books by this author. It is a great read.

Thanks for a great read Teresa.

And the bunny’s rating—4 Carrots!

I feel so healthy.   Thank you!

Bunny is giving away a free ebook edition of A Dash of Murder.  To enter leave a comment below the article with a question for me.

I’m Over At Books, Books and More Books Today

Sounds like heaven, right?  I’m visiting over at Books, Books and More Books today with a chapter excerpt from A Dash of Murder and a giveaway for my book.  Mindy read my book and left me this wonderful review-thanks!

I love a good murder mystery.  I love that this book has a hint of romance at the fringe but never goes into full blown romance.  That hint just adds to the mystery and tension.  And the story keeps you pulled in until the end.  And when you find out that the murder is … You didn’t think I would really tell you, now did you?  Let’s just say I wouldn’t have guessed it in a million years.

            I give this story 4.5 out of 5 clouds.

Visit Books, Books and More Books and register for A Dash of Murder Giveaway.

A Dash of Murder is the second book reviewed on the page.