All the Book Posts of 2020- Part 2

As we look to the new year, I am looking at a lovely little 2020 ornament my son’s Down syndrome group gave him in a stocking. Is there anyone else out there who doesn’t want to save anything decorative with 2020 on it? I don’t even want to add anything in our yearly Christmas journal, but I will. Whether we like it or not, we will always remember 2020.

For my part, a remarkable thing happened to me. I was signed by Level Best Books for a new historical mystery series that will take place in 1962. That’s worth remembering and something I’m incredibly thankful for in 2020.

As we are remembering the year, here is Part 2 of the books that made a stop on the blog whether through a review or a blog tour feature.

Seeing Doggone Double

The Fourth of July is bursting out all over! Doggone Dead x2! Find out about Dane MacCaslin’s new book coming out in August that shares the name of my Fourth of July Mystery. #FourthofJuly #Kensington #cozymystery

Audiobook Review – The Giver of Stars

If you love a good audiobook, then The Giver of Stars is something you should check out. The book is beautifully narrated by Julia Whelan. It involves a group of women who went out on packhorses to deliver much-needed reading material to people in the hills of Kentucky.

Book Review – What You Wish For

Ever wish that person you were infatuated with years ago, came back into your life? That’s what happens in What You Wish For when a librarian in Galveston finds herself face to face with a man she had a crush on in a former job. What You Wish For is a sweet, funny romance.

The Book of Lost Names

There is a lot of fiction out there right now set in the time period of World War II, so standing out can be difficult. The Book of Lost Names is a sweet, brave story in a terrible time.  Continue Reading

A Ladies Guide to Mischief and Murder

 Let’s get together at the country house this weekend? What do you say? That’s what’s happening in the Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder. I love this series because Diane Freeman beautifully blends the best of regency and the best of cozy! Continue Reading

Book Review: The Last Mrs. Summers

When I chose to review Rhys Bowen’s latest installment of the Royal Spyness Series I was excited she wrote it in the likeness of Rebecca. If you like mystery in an old English house next to the cliffs (really scary, exceptionally sharp cliffs) I think you’re going to love The Last Mrs. Summers.

Book Review: The First to Lie

The First to Lie, a novel by Hank Phillipi Ryan focuses on the vulnerability of women who have had difficulty conceiving a child. If you desperately wanted a baby and couldn’t have one, what would you be willing to put up with from a doctor or clinic? What would you risk?  Continue Reading

All Done With It

Not only is it Cozy Prizes Friday but Maggie Toussaint, the author of All Done With it has brought along Mama Lacey, who is Baxley Powell’s (Dreamwalker) mother. Talk about a difficult parenting challenge. Do you let them wander around other worlds or make them do their homework first?  Continue Reading

Book Review: The Black Midnight

Have you ever heard about the many theories of who Jack the Ripper actually was? Some thought it was a member of the royal family but it was never proven. The True Colors Series which fictionalizes true crime with a Christian perspective visits this topic with a royal lady Pinkerton detective and Texan in The Black Midnight. Continue Reading

Master of Illusion

Ever get that sinking feeling? Something is about to happen but you have no idea why you feel this way. You might be a little bit psychic like Celine Skye in Master of Illusion! Continue Reading

Trick or Thief

Are you starting to think about Halloween? I’ll admit I was looking at some Halloween items in a catalog yesterday and wondering if there were be any trick or treaters this year.  2020 has leaned way too heavily on the trick side of this holiday. But, good news! D.E. Haggerty is here today to talk about how she came up with her clever title. Continue Reading

Mystery Follows Her

Cozy Mystery Friday has hit an all-time high with not one cozy author but 9!! Mystery Follows Her celebrates sleuths of all ages in a variety of locations with an international collection of talented authors. Continue Reading

Murder in the Bayou Boneyard

Maggie Crozat, proprietor of a historic Cajun Country B&B, prefers to let the good times roll. But hard times rock her hostelry when a new cell phone app makes it easy for locals to rent their spare rooms to tourists. With October–and Halloween–approaching, she conjures up a witch-crafty marketing scheme to draw visitors to Pelican, Louisiana. Continue Reading

A Circle of Dead Girls

In the spring of 1800, a traveling circus arrives in town. Rees is about to attend, but sees his nemesis, Magistrate Hanson in the crowd, and leaves. On the way home he meets a party of Shaker brothers searching for a missing girl. They quickly come across her lifeless body thrown into a farmer’s field. Continue Reading

Love and a Little White Lie Book Review

Can you be true to someone you love and still keep a little secret from them? That’s what happens in Love and a Little White Lie. This is a Christian romance from award-winning author Tammy L. Gray and it not only explores life in a megachurch, but the relationships and problems that happen between the employees. Continue Reading

Educated: An Audiobook Review

Set some time aside for Educated, a stirring memoir of a girl who was raised without ever attending school while growing up in Idaho with a bipolar father. This audiobook is over 12 hours and I couldn’t stop listening to it! I recognized the voice of the talented narrator, Julia Whelan, from her work on Giver of Stars. She’s excellent again. Continue Reading

One by One

See all that snow on the cover? Time to snuggle in with a good who-done-it and spend the day in French chalet. One by One is a gripping mystery about a group of young entrepreneurs who have created the latest “gotta have it” app. They’re the glamorous influencers that can change the world. They also have a few secrets and an avalanche warning or two. Continue Reading

Cozy Prizes Friday: Hollyberry Homicide

For all of us who have been sneaking off to watch those early Hallmark Christmas movies, Hollyberry Homicide is the book for you. Learn more about this yuletide mystery and don’t forget to scroll down and find the prize guy and enter the giveaway! About Hollyberry Homicide Hollyberry Homicide (A Berry Basket Mystery)Cozy Mystery5th in … Continue reading

In a Holidaze Book Review

Here’s another Christmas book to put on your TBR pile this fall. In a Holidaze is a time-travel romantic comedy featuring a group of old college friends and their grown children who visit a cabin in Utah every year. The main character Mae is in her late twenties and re-examining some of the choices she’s made in her life. At the end of the holiday, she suffers a bump on the head and finds herself back on the plane on her way to the cabin on the 20th of December. Continue Reading

Book Review: Christmas Charms

Time for another Christmas book and what a magical one Christmas Charms is! Isn’t that what a good Christmas story has? A little magic? This is the kind of book I like to pick in stressful times, say in the middle of a pandemic â€¦ Continue reading

Christmas at Holiday House Book Review

Christmas at Holiday House is a delightful romance about helping others and finding love in the holidays. Review Included! Continue Reading

Cozy Prizes Friday: Spawning Suspicion

Time for the wedding, but wait! The groom is missing and their’s murder afoot in River Holloway’s busy world. Maggie Toussaint is back with her second Seafood Caper mystery, Spawning Suspicion, and she shared an excerpt with us as well. Continue Reading

Cozy Friday: To Fetch a Villain

Cozy mystery readers find cats in their stories, cats on the covers, cats solving murders while coughing up fur balls, but today is DOG DAY FRIDAY! I have four wonderful authors here to talk about their latest installment in the Mutt Mysteries Series: To Fetch a Villain!. Continue Reading

Cozy Prizes Friday: A Christmas Carol Murder

Read an excerpt from A Christmas Carol Murder and enter the giveaway. Travel back in history with a young Charles Dickens. Continue Reading

Book Review: Murder She Wrote: Murder in Season

I love a snuggly Christmas mystery to read during the holiday season. What better friend to have come calling than Jessica Fletcher in her latest adventure, Murder in Season. She’s brought along Seth Hazlett and Mort Metzger and of course, somebody up and died. Continue Reading

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