Eclectically Scientific

Read my science fiction story, Expecting. How much would a couple do to have a baby?

n this new installment of the Eclectic Writing Series anthologies, readers will explore short stories and poems of a scientific variety. A man is thwarted by aliens as he races to see his dying wife; AI comes to life; a captain and his AI find the edge of the universe; beetles fall in love under the light of the moon; time travelers try to change their fates; a man attempts murder by hacking a medical device; and a discussion on if we are indeed alone in the universe are just some of the entertaining tales included in this collection. Join authors Gregory Little, Charles Joseph Albert, Ellen Denton, Douglas Anstruther, E.M. Eastick, Robin Pond, Teresa Trent, Terry Sanville, Tom Jolly, Arthur M. Doweyko, and poet Jon Wescik as they take us into scientific adventures only their amazing imaginations could create.

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