New Reviews for The Twist and Shout Murder!

The Twist and Shout Murder

The reviews are still coming in from Net Galley. Here are just a few.

A new review for The Twist and Shout Murder

Fun and Frothy!

The first in the Swinging Sixties Mysteries set in 1962. Feisty Dot Morgan gets thrown into a bizarre world when a death occurs. Nothing like he secretarial school ambience she was getting used to. With an eccentric cast of characters and a likeable, strong protagonist this is a fun and frothy cosy mystery with a good sense of time and place. ~Ruth G./Reviewer


It’s 1962 and Dot Morgan, who shares a top floor, modest apartment with her cousin, Ellie, dreams of completing secretarial school. Dot’s dad, who is a clerk at the local courthouse in Camden, Texas, with twenty years of experience, hopes to run as a candidate in the elections following the death of Phil Boggs. Her mum is a librarian. Wanting to help with her dad’s election campaign, Dot joins the Camden Ladies Club, in place of her mum. Busy Dot, who is in the final semester of her course at Hudson Secretarial School, is asked to make thirty flower arrangements for the Founder’s Day Banquet which is just around the corner. The day before the Banquet Dot loads her once red car with the flower arrangements and ends up in a disagreement with Barb Manning, the president of the Ladies Club. The next day at the Banquet the brother-in-law of the club‚Äôs president is found dead.

The¬†mystery is intriguing¬†and¬†I thoroughly enjoyed attempting to solve¬†the¬†puzzle of¬†the¬†murder¬†alongside Dot. She‚Äôs a strong character, very likeable¬†and¬†she‚Äôs surrounded by a fun supporting cast. Roll on book two; I’ll certainly be in¬†the¬†queue! ~Bridget E./Reviewer

This Book Was So Good!

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the early copy
This book was so good!
I loved how this book captured my attention in the first chapter, the author went right in and she did not slow down til the last sentence. Michelle C./Reviewer

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