A New Short Story in Autumn Noir

My short story, “A Slice for Stanley” is now out in a great new anthology, Autumn Noir. Like many writers, I love to dabble in different genres, and this story is definitely on my Twilight Zone side. I grew up watching Night Gallery and Twilight Zone and have always loved the stories in Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen’s mystery magazines. My family owned a newsstand at one point, and even though I was around 10, I read all the stories I could.

“A Slice for Stanley” is about a former restaurant owner who is now forced to work out of a pizza food truck, only because he received a rotten review from a restaurant critic that put him out of business. Trust me, I can tell you a thing or two about reviews.

But, there is so much more to this anthology than my story.

Original tales about the other, moodier season of change

Some of the short stories and poems in Autumn Noir unfold as gently as a wisp of chimney smoke. Others bring the heart-thumping thrills of an end-of-summer storm. All feature characters as vibrant as fall foliage and dialogue as crisp as autumn air. Join the down (but maybe not quite out), the struggling, the wicked, the forlorn, and the broken-hearted as they stumble and sometimes fall all the way down. To paraphrase Bette Davis, “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy read.”

★ Get your $0.99 copy of Autumn Noir now before it returns to regular price on

November 1st! ★


“Some stories leave you hanging and gasping for more, some make you chuckle at the clever wickedness of seemingly innocent sneaky characters, some leave you shocked over twists at the end. All are worth reading. Autumn Noir: An Unsettling Reads Anthology is the perfect book for a cold night before a blazing fire.
— Kathleen Kaska, author of the award-winning Sydney Lockhart Mystery Series

Autumn Noir contains stories that get under your skin… an exciting collection of stories, some will make you smile, others will send a chill down your spine, and others will keep you guessing the outcome. I loved it!
— Kathryn Lane, award-winning author of the Nikki Garcia Thriller Series


Find some of your favorite authors and discover some new ones. Includes tales by Bev Vincent, Bethany Maines, Teresa Trent, Brandon Barrows, Stephen D. Rogers, and many more from the crime, mystery, noir, suspense, and thriller genres. Includes the following stories & poems:

  • ‘A Slice for Stanley’ © 2021 Teresa Trent
  • ‘Abscission’ © 2021 Dustin Engstrom
  • ‘An Orchid to Die For’ © 2021 Wendy Harrison
  • ‘Anathema’ © 2021 Robin Knabel
  • ‘Autumn Heat’ © 2021 Oisin Breen
  • ‘Death & Flying Saucers’ © 2021 Matthew Kresal
  • ‘Escape Velocity’ © 2021 Bev Vincent
  • ‘Every Single Funeral’ © 2021 Bethany Maines
  • ‘Golden Silence’ © 2021 V.S. Kemanis
  • ‘Hand Shadows’ © 2021 Rikki Santer
  • ‘Hope Is an Opiate’ © 2021 Bob McNeil
  • ‘Killer in a Diner’ © 2021 Nathan Squiers
  • ‘Let It Go’ © 2021 Brandon Barrows
  • ‘Misunderstood’ © 2021 Elif Offner
  • ‘Nineteen Creaks’ © 2021 Peter DiChellis
  • ‘Perdita’s Shoes’ © 2021 Kat Devitt
  • ‘Poor Insect’ © 2021 D.P. Blanchard
  • ‘Sensing the Fall’ © 2021 Stephen D. Rogers
  • ‘Shadow Over the Hill’ © 2021 Matthew Chabin
  • ‘The Block’ © 2021 H. Dair Brown
  • ‘The Last Phone Booth’ © 2021 Lamont Turner
  • ‘The Warbler’s Song’ © 2021 Vashelle Nino
  • ‘The Weak Man’ © 2021 JM Connors
  • ‘Those Forgotten Places’ © 2021 Mary Rajotte
  • ‘To Bury Larry Little’ © 2021 W.E. Wertenberge

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