Coming October 8 – The Con Man’s Daughter

I’ve written plenty of cozy mysteries, but this time I’m bringing you a romance, The Con Man’s Daughter. I guess what I really want to call this is a cozy romance, which isn’t actually a genre, but what the heck, let’s make it one! Some people would call this a clean romance and others a light romance. Just think cozy and you’ll have it.

One of the things I love to do as a writer is explore other genres and I find I can do this pretty easily through my short story writing. Believe it or not, I’ve written horror, science fiction, Twilight-Zone style fiction and right now I’m working on a fantasy piece. One thing I hadn’t ever tried was writing romance as a novel. I have always featured a romantic angle in all of my mysteries, but this time, I have a romance with nobody getting killed. I think I like this idea.


When Anna Holcomb returns to her hometown in Redbird Creek, Texas she has a secret. She’s not the spoiled little rich girl she once was. She’s broke, looking for a job, and trying to start a new life. Caleb Armstrong thinks he knows her type from the years he spent with her in high school, but everything about Anna has changed, except for one little secret she dares not tell. Take a gamble on this wholesome romance and discover who’s really being conned.

The Con Man’s Daughter is available for pre-order at this time and hold on because you know there will be giveaways in any book launch I do.

Go Here to read an excerpt from The Con Man’s Daughter.

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