Books to the Ceiling August Newsletter


Books to the Ceiling August Newsletter


August is upon us, and I’m busy writing short stories and editing what will be my first book in the Swinging Sixties Series. The series starts in 1962 with a young secretarial student in a small town north of Dallas. She’s a smart one, a little too smart for her business school teacher, which will eventually get her in trouble. Being a big fan of The Help and Mad Men, I knew I wanted to set a mystery series in this time period. The first book, The Twist and Shout Murder will be coming out in January 2022.

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August 6/Review
Will camping in the country music capital have Mabel kicking up some saw dust or line-dancing to her doom?
Despite their good deed in Savannah, Mabel Gold’s ghostly friend Irma remains stuck in Purgatory. So when the plucky sixty-something divorcee pulls her haunted vintage camper into a Nashville campground, she’s expecting Irma to accompany her on the tour of the Grand Ole Opry. But as they two-step into a honky-tonk for some live tunes, they’re shocked to encounter two lost spirits stranded there for the past twenty years after their double homicide..
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August 13/Spotlight
A murderer’s out to spoil Hayley’s honeymoon in national bestselling author Lucy Burdette’s eleventh Key West Food Critic Mystery.


Key Zest food critic Hayley Snow and her groom, police detective Nathan Bransford, chose Scotland for their long-delayed honeymoon, hoping to sightsee and enjoy some prize-winning scones. But their romantic duo swells to a crowd when they’re joined by Nathan’s family as well as octogenarian Miss Gloria.

Nathan’s sister Vera takes the women on a whirlwind tour of some of Scotland’s iconic mystic places as research for a looming book project. But the trip takes a deadly tartan turn when a dinner party guest falls ill and claims she was poisoned.
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August 20/Review
On a winter day in 1898, hundreds of spectators gather at a Brooklyn courthouse, scrambling for a view of the woman they label a murderess. Martha Place has been charged with throwing acid in her stepdaughter’s face, hitting her with an axe, suffocating her with a pillow, then trying to kill her husband with the same axe. The crowd will not know for another year that the alleged murderess becomes the first woman in the world to be executed in the electric chair.
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August 26/Spotlight
While planning her wedding, Sophie Kimball gets sidetracked by the murder of a model train enthusiast . . .


Phee’s marriage to Marshall Gregory promises to be the wedding of the year in Arizona’s Sun City West – that is, if you ask her mother Harriet. But before she can walk down the aisle, it looks like she has to solve one more murder. At a model train exhibit, Phee, Harriet, and their beloved Chiweenie, Streetman, discover the body of Sun City West’s railroad club president, with an incriminating tap shoe near his lifeless corpse.

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The Happy Hinter
Betsy Livingston Fitzpatrick here, Happy Hinter and part-time crime solver. Leo and I have just returned from a week in Galveston and I learned a little something about sand. It gets everywhere! Cars, clothes, cell phones, ereaders, toys. Here’s a little something I learned that will help you get sand off your feet when you’re piling into the car with the kids after a long day at the beach. If you have beach feet, put a towel down in the floorboard of the car, hold your feet over the towel, sprinkle some baby powder over your feet and then rub the area. The sand will come right off. Wad up the towel and shake outside the car.

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