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The third book in my Pecan Bayou Series takes place during the Fourth of July! I loved writing this book because of the pint-sized beauty pageant. I was a beauty pageant judge once and let me tell you, there were moms and tap dancing middle schoolers around every corner.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FRENCH RIVER READING CLUB who won my book club giveaway! I can’t wait to Zoom with all of you. This giveaway was such a success that I plan to do more in the future.
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These are the the books I have so far, but check back on Fridays just in case I add more!

July 16/Review
Murder at the Lakeside Library
Rain Wilmot has just returned to her family’s waterfront log cabin in Lofty Pines, Wisconsin after the untimely death of her husband. The cabin is peaceful compared to Rain’s corporate job and comes with an informal library that Rain’s mother, Willow, used to run. But as Rain prepares for the re-opening of the library, all hopes for a peaceful life are shattered when she discovers the body of Thornton Hughes, a real estate buyer, on the premises.
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July 23/Review
Murder at Sea Captains Inn
Generation after generation of Lane women die in childbirth, while the sea claims the men. Pippin Lane Hawthorne’s grand opening of Sea Captain’s Inn is tainted when a scholar studying the Lost Colony of Roanoke is brutally murdered. Like the black crow that hangs around the old house, could the untimely death be a harbinger of dark things to come? When her twin brother, Grey, begins bucking the curse by risking his life in the waters of the Outer Banks, Pippin lives in terror that he’ll be the next Lane male to be swallowed by the sea. Now she must use her gift of bibliomancy to save her brother, solve the murder, and end a two thousand year old pact.
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The Happy Hinter
Betsy Livingston Fitzpatrick here, Happy Hinter and part-time crime solver. Spring has sprung here in Pecan Bayou cutting up onions to put on those juicy grilled hamburgers we’re all making. Instead of crying all over the place causing my family to question my mood, I cut out the root cluster of the onion. That’s the part that makes you cry. Now getting to the root cluster will still cause you eye discomfort, but then after that, you’re golden.

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