Christmas- A Time of Hope

Merry Christmas 2020

It is so fitting that 2020 ends with a Christmas star on the winter solstice. This was a year like no other for all of us. With the vaccine coming into hospitals and other outlets, I have to have hope that next year will be better.

Things I’ve Missed

Seeing my friends and family face to face

Coffee Shops

Taking my son to his day center for people with disabilities. He’s been a trooper but I know he gets bored here at the house. He refuses to wear a mask, so we keep him home.

The Mall

Going to Writing Conferences

Things I’ve Found

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Peacock all have shows waiting for me to binge! Also, HBO has a favorite word. I want to buy these script writers a thesaurus.

My family will always find ways to be together.

I will never be able to go to church in person again because I’m addicted to crocheting during the service.

Looking at how the restaurant, hotel, entertainment, travel, and so many other industries have suffered, as for me and my house, I have no complaints and feel blessed. Hoping for better things in 2021.

Here’s looking forward to shopping, crowded coffee shops and restaurants, long chats with old friends, people working again, and everyone taking those quiet moments of 2020 to reflect on when our lives get crazy good again.

Oh, and eventually we’ll eat those ten loaves of banana bread in the freezer.

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