So What Have I Been Doing During the Pandemic? Writing of Course!


Martin Waiting for the Pandemic to Be Over

So what have I been doing during the pandemic? Writing, of course. With added people around the house, it’s been challenging at times. My husband and I “share” an office, which means I’m writing this blog post in another room. That’s okay, though, because I still like having him around. I am the kind of writer who needs as much quiet as possible. I can’t even listen to music with lyrics (I sing along).

What Have I Been Working On?

I am happy to announce I have a new three-book contract with Level Best Books. This time around I’m writing a historical mystery series called the Swinging Sixties. The books will take place in 1962, 1963 and 1964. I’ve been having so much fun researching everything in the sixties.

  • Coffee Maker = Percolator
  • Phones have dials and cords
  • You check the time- on your wrist or at the wall clock
  • The Beatles are new
  • The President is Kennedy
The First Ronald McDonald
  • There’s this new thing called fast food. Pictured above is the FIRST Ronald McDonald. Terrifying.
  • You watch the big game on a black and white tv with rabbit ears

I’ve actually written the first book and am in the drafting stage of the second, but before you start checking Amazon, these books won’t be out until the beginning of January 2022. These things take time.

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