Christmas at Holiday House Book Review

Christmas at Holiday House

How about a holiday romance to add to your TBR Christmas stack? Here’s a sweet one with a widowed nurse who comes to Holiday House in Silver Bells, Colorado. Could you get more of a Hallmarky feel? (Yes, Hallmarky is a word because I just invented it.)

And now, on to the Christmas at Holiday House…

About the Book

In the town of Silver Bells, there’s always a feeling of Christmas in the air… Let love—and RaeAnne Thayne—melt your heart this holiday season!

This New Year will bring widowed nurse Abigail Powell a fresh start in a different city. Excited about the chance to create an unforgettable Christmas for her young son in picturesque Silver Bells, Colorado, Abby has been hired to take care of her dear friend’s recuperating grandmother. But sprightly senior Winnie insists she doesn’t need looking after. What she does need is help decorating her historic mansion, Holiday House, for a seasonal town fundraiser. Abby warms to the festive task, but she’ll have to contend with her own personal Grinch: Winnie’s prickly grandson, Ethan Lancaster.

Ethan Lancaster is good at a lot of things. Relationships surely aren’t one of them. His ex-fiancée convinced Ethan he was incapable of love, and he believes her…up until the moment he impulsively kisses Abby. What is it about this vibrant woman and her sweet son that knocks his world off-kilter? He knows they’re leaving town after Christmas. He just didn’t expect they’d be taking a little of his heart with them. But as he and Abby work together on the magical Holiday House through the record cold weather, visions of a different future dance in his head…one filled with warmth, love and a new beginning for them both.

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My Review

Abby is headed to Silver Bells, Colorado to help out a friend’s grandmother, Winnie, who has had a bad fall. Winnie lives in a place called “Holiday House” and is preparing for a big Christmas event. The house is a mess but filled with rooms dedicated to nutcrackers and angels and everything Christmas. Abby tangles with Ethan, owner of several luxury hotels, and together they find the magic of Christmas. I also appreciated the character of Rodrigo, Jose’s brother with Down syndrome. When Rodrigo’s around you can’t help but feel happy. I enjoyed visiting Silver Bells and this Christmas love story. It has a beautiful ending and makes me want to live in this charming town!

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