Tis’ the Season Christmas Anthology Party

If you’re missing Pecan Bayou, good news! Betsy’s back and she’s in trouble. I was honored to be included in the Tis’ the Season Christmas Anthology. There’s a lot to this post, but be sure to leave a comment if you want to answer this question: What was your favorite Christmas toy? Mine was Mrs. Gingerbread, a doll I couldn’t sleep without for years.

Here’s a little about my story, Hit-and-Run Santa.

Betsy finally gets a few hours to herself over a hectic holiday season. Just as she settles in, there is a thumping at her door and she receives a Christmas visitor, not the magical enchanted kind, but the deranged murderous variety. Now finding herself in the middle of a decades-old battle, she has to figure out how to outsmart a demented woman out for revenge.

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But wait! There’s more! There are twelve authors in this anthology with stories from sweet to scary. Here’s a book trailer one of our authors put together.

Did you notice mention of p-a-r-t-y? That’s right! Join us on November 5th at 6pm Central time via Facebook. We’re having a party with games, prizes and yours truly!

'Tis the Season Holiday Anthology Book Launch Party
Click here to go to the party on November 5 at 6pm.

Want to know more about the other stories?

Enjoy the musings from this group of great authors, as they share an eclectic mix of short stories in ‘Tis the Season. There will be cookies, presents, puppies, skiing, St. Peter, Santa, and…Kaiju? Grab a cup of hot cocoa and curl up on the couch with these holiday treats: 

‘Tis The Teasing Season by Breakfield and Burkey https://www.enigmabookseries.com

Jacob and Petra celebrate a month of blended European and American holiday traditions, along with fun teasing. Their unique rituals culminate on Christmas night giving each other the perfect gift. Petra is distraught because she has found nothing to give the love of her life. 

A Christmas Tail by Mackenzie Collins www.roseiswrite.com

Follow one puppy’s journey to a forever home in this one of a kind Christmas tale. Charlie dares to adopt a young pup for his mother as a Christmas gift. Our canine hero anxiously awaits his fate as Christmas grows closer.

A COVID Christmas by Julie Gianelloni Connor https://julieconnorauthor.com

COVID-19 stalks the land, disrupting everything—families, simple pleasures like eating out, the holidays. As autumn drifts into the winter, four characters—an older lady living alone, her cleaning lady, the cleaning lady’s daughter, and a kitten—combine to turn the worst of times, and what could perhaps be the worst Christmas ever, into something quite different and magical.

A Christmas Dream by DC Gomez https://dcgomez-author.com

When his lifelong dreams were crushed, Brad lost all hope in himself and the people around him. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets the snarky Saint Peter on Christmas Eve. Saint Peter refuses to play into Brad’s pity party, and gives him a taste of his own medicine. Fall in love with this sweet Christmas tale, and find the beauty in the simple things in life.

The Reluctant Shepherd by Kathryn Haueisen https://howwisethen.com

Things aren’t always what they seem. What seems hopeless might not be. A reluctant little shepherd boy and a stray puppy come together to give two people their best Christmas ever. 

Twisted Christmas by James Hill http://www.jlhill-books.com/

December 24th, 2020, North Pole. Approx. 2100 hours. Santa Claus is going over his list for his yearly trip around the world. The door bursts open and in walks the Devil. What could he want? 

You Better Believe It by Tassie Kalas https://tassietypes.com/

In her hopes to give her children the perfect Christmas experience all wrapped up in a bow, a single mother learns that the best gifts aren’t the ones under the tree—they’re the ones curled up under the covers upstairs.

A Kaiju Christmas by LM Mann https://mannwrites.com

Normally one would not associate kaiju (strange beasts) with the holiday season, but when Santa’s reindeer come down with COVID-RD, some out of the box thinking is required.  This was the Christmas when kaiju, along with many other magical creatures, answered Santa’s call to save the day. 

Christmas Wish by C.J. Peterson https://cjpetersonwrites.com

For six-year-old Robin Flynn and her family, this is a Christmas that will change everything. There will be treats, a wish for a healthy delivery of Robin’s new brother, and a mother’s wish for her son to move on from the past. A kindhearted Pastor is sent to help the family navigate through the turmoil that arose on this Christmas Eve night. Will their Christmas wishes come true?

It Takes A Village By Terrina Wilder https://terrinawilder.com

It Takes A Village is a story about a young man, Jon, who met the love of his life. What should have been a wonderful journey or the newlywed couple, became an experience of understanding the important roles people played in their lives. The gift of Jesus Christ would hold a significant meaning for Jon on Christmas Day.

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