A Visit with Dominic the Paranormal Investigator

Today, I am excited to present Dominic Fazio, the front desk clerk at The Tunie Hotel and paranormal investigator extraordinaire. He is a character from Die Die Blackbird, the third book in the Piney Woods Cozy Mystery Series. Leave your ghost story in the comments in Dominic will give his professional opinion!

Take it away, Dominic!

Yo! Dominic Fazio here, the front desk clerk at the historic Tunie Hotel in Piney Woods, Texas. Nora Alexander, a part-owner of the hotel, let me talk to you today to make up for all of the liberties I took during the latest installment of the Piney Woods Mystery Series, Die Die Blackbird. So, if you got a problem with me talking to you and not that redhead, Nora…forget about it. Did I mention I was full-blooded Italian?

Believe it or not, I came to the Tunie Hotel for one reason, and that wasn’t to hand out room keys and wish people a nice day. I am a paranormal enthusiast. I’ve done some ghost hunting in my day, and when I found out Jack and Daisy Foley, hosts of the online sensation, Paranormal Party, were coming to Piney Woods to talk to the ghost of Sam Houston, batta bing, batta boom, baby. I was only too happy to add my level of expertise.

You see, our boy Sam had a girlfriend named Winifred at the Red Ruth Inn back in the day. They called it an inn, but it was really a brothel. I know, I know you won’t find this story in the history books, but we got the inside track, you know what I mean? Jack and Daisy figure he might have told her about some missing loot from the battle of Santa Anna. So not only is there the paranormal side to all of this, there’s a load of dough just begging to be found. We located the site of the brothel, and would you believe it? They tore it down, and now there’s a parking lot on top of it.

Don’t you worry about that. Ol’ Dominic has a few tricks up his sleeve. Wouldn’t it be great if the basement of the brothel still existed? The air would be thick with spirits from the other side.

Nora can tell you I took a few unscheduled days off and maybe took up meeting rooms at the hotel that were meant for the quilting ladies, but seriously? Quilts or a chance to visit with someone on the other side. Is it even a question?

So, yeah, I hope to show you more in the pages of Die Die Blackbird. I’ve written a little poem to “encourage” you.

You wanna buy it?

Click below- cause the book ain’t slow

It’s full of ghosts

Murder, quilts, and dough

Thanks for reading this,

Dominic Fazio

Front Desk Clerk

Paranormal Adventurer

Dominic Graphic Credit: Play Rainbow Kids

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