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This one is a special shout out to all the literary agents out there, (including mine) from J.C. Kenney.  Be sure to check out my review of A Literal Mess and then enter the giveaway for a chance at a $25 Amazon gift card. 

About the Book


A Literal Mess (An Allie Cobb Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Lyrical Underground (January 8, 2019)
Print Length: 196 pages
ASIN: B07C6T6X41


The first book in a new series featuring Allie Cobb brings the New York literary agent back to her Hoosier home town where a mysterious death keeps everyone on spoiler alert . . .

Allie Cobb left home for the literary circles of Manhattan to make her name out from under the shadow of her legendary father. Now his death brings her and her rescue cat Ursula back to the southern Indiana town of Rushing Creek, population: 3,216. But a tragic new chapter hits the presses when the body of her father’s hard-drinking, #1 bestselling client is found under the historic town bridge. The local police suspect foul play and their prime candidate for murder is the author’s daughter—Allie’s longtime friend.

Determined to clear her bestie, Allie goes into fact-checking amateur detective mode while trying to ignore the usual rumormongers. Those with means, motive, and opportunity include the vic’s ex-wife, his rejected girlfriend, the mayor, and a rival agent trying to mooch clients. With a rugged genealogist distracting her and the imminent Fall Festival about to send tourists descending on their once-peaceful hamlet, Allie needs to stay alive long enough to get a read on a killer ready to close the book on a new victim: Allie . . .

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My Review: 5 Stars

J.C. Kenney gives us a new cozy mystery series with little Allie Cobb, the kickboxing crusader, and literary agent. Allie was a relatable character and I was pleased with how the story came full circle. I read a lot of mysteries but  I wasn’t sure “whodunnit” until the very end. Good work! I look forward to other works by J.C. Kenney.


How did you come with an idea for your book?

It’s kind of a funny story. My agent posted an article in our agency chat group about a person going missing near a river. I wasn’t writing mysteries at the time, but commented in an offhand way that the article sounded like a great story nugget for a cozy mystery. Well, my agent responded by challenging me to write the story. After thinking about it for a couple of days, I decided to go for it. That offhand comment led to A Literal Mess. It’s been nice having something good come out of spouting off without thinking!

What scene do you hope your readers enjoy the most?

I hope they really like Allie’s final showdown with the murderer. I think it’s a testament to her quick thinking and fearlessness. Allie doesn’t sit back and wait for things to come to her. She takes the initiative. I hope readers see that, and appreciate it.

What other things have you written or what projects might we see in the future?

A Literal Mess is the first book in the Allie Cobb Mysteries series. Book two, A Genuine Fix, will be out this July. The third book in the series, A Mysterious Mix Up, will be out in 2020.

If you could write any other genre what would that be?

I’ve been a fan of science fiction all my life, so writing in that genre could be fun. I actually have a space opera I work on when time permits. Someday, I’ll finish it. I hope! 

Is there a giveaway or promotion with this book?

I’m giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner!

Where can readers leave reviews of your book?

Goodreads and Amazon. I truly appreciate the time readers spend with my stories and if they are inclined to leave a review, those are the two places that would help the most. Thanks in advance!

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About the Author

J.C. Kenney grew up in a household filled with books by legends Agatha Christie and Lilian Jackson Braun, among many others, so it was no surprise when he found himself writing mystery stories. When he’s not writing, you can find him following IndyCar racing or listening to music. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife, two sons, and a cat who is the inspiration for Ursula in the Allie Cobb Mysteries.

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