Cozy Prizes Friday: Murder in the Cards

Ante up! Today we are sitting at the table with a psychic poker player. (And I can’t even produce a poker face!)  Murder in the Cards is the first book in this series and what an interesting idea for a sleuth. Talk about someone who can pick up on clues others miss!  Paige Sleuth spent some time telling us about her book, her background and herself, so check out the interview and then scroll on down to the Prize Guy for your chance at a digital copy of another Paige Sleuth mystery, Murder in Cherry Hills.

About the Book

Murder in the Cards (Psychic Poker Pro Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Self Published (July 1, 2018)
Print Length – 252 Pages

Tiffany Swanson is finally living the dream when she quits her stressful job to become a poker pro. Except her dream job doesn’t turn out to be so perfect when she picks up the troubling vision of a murdered man from one of her opponents. Even more disturbing, Tiffany didn’t know she was telepathic.

Before long she finds herself spending more time investigating a homicide than playing cards. But with an entire wedding party to suspect and only one weekend to pinpoint the guilty party, how will Tiffany ever figure out “whodunit” in time?

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An Interview with Paige Sleuth

How did you come with an idea for your book?

Tiffany, the Psychic Poker Pro Mystery series heroine, and I are a lot alike in that we’re both half Vietnamese, live in Las Vegas, and gave up our day jobs for other interests. She’s basically the person I came up with when I asked myself, “If I weren’t so boring and went out and talked to people instead of spending my days reading and writing, what would I be doing?” Well, the answer was obvious: solving murder mysteries. I thought it would be an interesting twist to give her some telepathic abilities as well. And being a poker player provides her with a lot of opportunities to meet and talk to people (and by “people” I mean murder suspects).

What scene do you hope your readers enjoy the most?

I personally enjoy the scenes with Tiffany and her family the most. Tiffany’s firecracker of a mother, rational father, quirky aunt, and wacky cousin all feel like real people to me, so including them in the story allows me to keep in touch. I have to say though, I also had a lot of fun with the scene where Tiffany pretends to be a stripper to gain information about the murder. I won’t tell you if she’s successful or not.

What other things have you written or what projects might we see in the future?

I currently have 31 books published, 6 of which are standalone mysteries attached to my own name (Marla Bradeen), and 22 of which are part of my Cozy Cat Caper Mystery series. I don’t intend to end that series anytime soon, so you can look for more books to be added in the future. I also have more adventures planned for Tiffany. I’m not quite sure how I’ll juggle keeping up with two series yet, but supposedly other authors manage so I’m hopeful I’ll be able to figure it out.

If you could write any other genre what would that be?

I would love to try writing a psychological suspense novel. I personally love to read that genre, and it would be immensely satisfying to see one with my own name on it sitting on my bookshelf. Unfortunately, Tiffany and Kat (the Cozy Cat Caper Mystery heroine) object whenever I’m not working on one of their stories, so at this point I don’t know when I’ll find the time to make that happen. But never say never.

Is there a giveaway or promotion with this book?

Yes! My third annual “Buy in July” event is happening now. During the month of July, $1 from every Paige Sleuth book purchase (excluding ebook purchases of Murder in Cherry Hills) will be donated to the Community Cat Coalition of Clark County (C5). C5 does a wonderful job helping to reduce the number of cats euthanized here in Las Vegas through their work spay/neutering feral cats. I’m also giving away an ebook copy of Murder in Cherry Hills, Cozy Cat Caper Mystery book one, to someone who enters the Rafflecopter associated with this blog tour. That giveaway is being coordinated through Great Escapes, the organizer of the tour.

Where can readers leave reviews of your book?

Anywhere they’d like! We authors love reviews, whether they’re posted to Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo, or on a personal blog or Facebook page. Even just telling a friend if you enjoyed a book is so appreciated.


About the Author

Paige Sleuth is a pseudonym for mystery author Marla Bradeen. She plots murder during the day and fights for mattress space with her two rescue cats at night. When not attending to her cats’ demands, she writes. She loves to hear from readers and welcomes emails at

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As part of Paige Sleuth’s third annual “Buy in July” event, $1 from every Paige Sleuth book purchase (excluding ebook purchases of Murder in Cherry Hills) will be donated to the Community Cat Coalition of Clark County (C5). C5 is a volunteer-powered organization that seeks to reduce the number of cats euthanized every year by trapping and spay/neutering feral cats in the Las Vegas area before releasing them back into their communities

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