Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

March 21 is  World Down Syndrome Day. Why 3-21? Because people with Down Syndrome are diagnosed as Trisomy  21 which means they have 3 twenty-first chromosomes instead of 2. Please take a moment and watch WDSD Global Video.

I am the proud mother of a son with Down Syndrome and being acknowledged and heard can be a daily battle for him.

For 2017, Down Syndrome International presents #MyVoiceMyCommunity, messages from people with Down syndrome, among their friends and peers.

They talk about how it is important for their voices to be heard, as equal citizens of their countries and they encourage their governments to listen to their concerns.

2 thoughts on “Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

  1. Thank you for posting this. My brother, Steve is severely autistic so while he was growing up I met many wonderful children and adults with Down Syndrome. I shared the video.

    • I think siblings of DS children are often asked so much of but they come through again and again. You are an example of this. My son also has a double diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism so I can relate. Thank you for your comment.

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