How Often Do You Read?

Pecan Bayou Series #3

Pecan Bayou Series #3

You always hear about people binge watching this or that program but when was the last time you heard about someone binge reading? The average person reads one book a year which means some people don’t read at all. We read on the interenet, we read the endless texts on our phone, but fewer and fewer of us are spending time reading a book. Because of my job as a writer, I try to read 30 to 40 books a year. I take a little longer because I not only follow the storyline, but I look at HOW the book was written. It’s kind of like I’m on one long independent study course.  But, like everyone else, my husband I love to binge watch. House of Cards, Downton Abbey, we’ve seen so many!

If you’re looking for a FREE book to read, to celebrate the Fourth of July, I am offering Doggone Dead  free through Smashwords until July 15 with coupon code NH97G. 

Which would you rather do? Binge watch or binge read?

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