Waves of Suspense is Out in Paperback!

WavesofSuspense_CoverThe Houston Writer’s Guild just published their first paperback and my story “Luscious” is a part of it. Have you ever taken down old wallpaper and worried about what might be lurking beneath it? Denny and Carolyn Elliot find a mural of a woman they name “Luscious”. Trust me, they should have left those ugly sunflowers up there. This is a short story I won first place with in their writing contest! The other contributors are talented members of the Houston Writer’s Guild. Waves of HoustonWritersGuild_WavesofSuspenseSuspense is in paperback now, but hopefully there will be an ebook version in the future.

We attended a social evening with members of the Houston Writer’s Guild and when one of the writer’s asked my husband what he writes, he answered “Mostly checks”. Have to love the guy!

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