Cold Weather and March/April Appearances

Baby TomatoesHere it is spring already.  It is spring, right?  Even in South Texas we’re getting the arctic blast that is wreaking havoc everywhere else.  I have about 8 tiny tomato plants sitting in my kitchen window waiting to get planted.  I’m hoping this is our last cold spell, because my little window garden is ready to go in the ground!  I know that by summertime I’ll be dreaming of these chilly days and trying to remember what it felt like to wear a sweater.  Right now, though, there’s chili on the stove and lots of writing to do!

Good news, I’m finishing up the first book in my Piney Woods series.  I have a whole new set of characters (that I’m already crazy about) and lots of surprises in this book.   I’m not sure about the status of this one- if I’ll go Indie or try traditional.  It’s in the “what if column” for right now.

Here are some exciting places I’m going to be at in the next month or so!

I will be doing an author visit at Freeman Memorial Library in Houston, Texas on March 9.

I will be appearing at Katy Budget Books in Katy, Texas on April 12 from 2-4 for the Dear Texas Event.

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