A Dash of Murder @ 99 Cents!

Pecan Bayou Series #1

Pecan Bayou Series #1

One thing I often find is that when people read the first book in my Pecan Bayou Series, A Dash of Murder, they tend to want to read more of Betsy and Leo and all the crazy characters in Pecan Bayou.  So the good news is, if you haven’t read the first book, it is now available for 99 Cents on Amazon, Nook, Kobo and more.   Could you go on a ghost hunt in an abandoned hospital…at night?  I’ll admit it.  The closest I would get to that is in my own head!  The joy of writing.

From Bunnie’s Review-

I love reading a good mystery and this one did not let me down. The author will take readers on a trail with ghost, murder and a little romance. This book is a short fast read. Yet, the author created a book that will keep readers interested until the end. I did not figure out the villain until it was revealed in the book. Okay no more about that I do not want to write any spoilers.


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