4 Star Review of Burnout From InD’Tale Magazine

I was so excited that InD’Tale Magazine reviewed BURNOUT!  Here is part of the review.


Pecan Bayou Series #5

Pecan Bayou Series #5


…A fun new mystery has arrived in the fifth book in the “Pecan Bayou Mystery Series”.   Regardless of whether the reader has read the previous books, this is a great read.  The plot is smooth and the characters develop well.  The office fire is slowly uncovered leaving the reader guessing until the last moment.  The drama at home also gives the story some depth as it is not just the story of a lone detective only on the hunt, but an amateur detective and mother balancing life.  Overall, an excellent installment in the series.  Mystery lovers- take note!

Sarah E. Bradley

In’Dtale Magazine




If you are an Indie writer or just a lover of romances and mysteries, this is an excellent free publication.



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  1. Wonderful I’m so happy for you and your family. You need to come down here so you can have a book meeting at B&N.

    Sharon H Lewis


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