The Winner of the Burnout Paperback Giveaway

BurnoutGiveawayCongratulations Bianca!  You are the winner of a signed paperback copy of Burnout.  I had over 500 people enter to win the book which is a record breaker for my paperback giveaways.  I guess you could say Burnout is pretty hot!  

I’m slowing down on the blogging a bit right now because I’m working hard on the sixth book in the Pecan Bayou Mystery Series.  No title yet and I’m trying hard to remember what it’s like to be nine months pregnant.  I mostly remember cravings, no sleep, bathroom trips, baby hiccups and kicks.  What a wonderful time.

2 thoughts on “The Winner of the Burnout Paperback Giveaway

  1. Looking forward to reading your books. Thanks for visiting me at Source of Inspration and leaving bread crumbs to here so I could find your books. hugs, pat

    • Thank you for visiting. Love your blog! Your inspiration helps me to stay focused on writing and all that life throws my way 🙂

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