A Day in the Life of My Main Character Betsy Livingston Featured at Dru’s Book Musings

BetsysRockerI’m on the last stop of my book tour for Buzzkill and it’s a good one.  Dru’s Book Musings asked me to write a day in the life of Betsy Livingston.  Here’s just a little of her day:

I sipped at my coffee as I thought about my day. It was going to be another busy one. I was headed over to the diner to give a talk on my latest column, “Casseroles for Any Occasion”. I’m going to be handing out my recipe for Tator Tot Casserole. Ruby Green is always working on these lady’s club days so I promised I would drop off a copy of the recipe by her shop, The Best Little Hairhouse in Texas. I admit I’m pretty busy today, but a little secret that nobody else in this little town of Pecan Bayou Texas knows is that tomorrow I don’t have anything planned. ….

Will Betsy keep her free day tomorrow?  Find out more by reading the full post at Dru’s Book Musings.


Now that my book tour is ending I would like to thank Lori at Great Escape Book Tours.  This was a wonderful tour with some fantastic cozy blog stops. I feel blessed to have found you.

I will posting the winner of our giveaway soon so if you haven’t entered for an Amazon gift card and a jar of Texas honey–Do it today!!!  Enter at Dru’s Book Musings.

To the next book…

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